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Rumor: Nokia 8 priced at EUR 517, Vodafone Romania database reveals

A new rumor from Romania claims to reveal great pricing for the affordable Nokia Flaghsip, Nokia 8 in Europe. As per this rumor that claims to leak pricing of Nokia 8 from database of Vodafone Romania, Nokia 8 will be priced at EUR 517 with VAT.

As per the (claimed) leaked screenshot that is taken from Vodafone Romania database, Nokia 8 will be priced at just EUR 434.81 without VAT.

HMD has already sent invites to media for the August 16 event in London where it is expected to unveil Nokia 8 and 3G Nokia 3310. Nokia 8 is deemed to be the affordable flagship that will go against likes of OnePlus 5 and other so-called flagship killers. It will be powered by Snapdragon 835 and will also feature Dual-Lens Zeiss camera.

Nokia 9, the ultimate flagship, on the other hand, will come with premium configuration and may not be announced along with Nokia 8.

You can check full details about Nokia 8 at our dedicated page. Read our full Nokia 8 coverage by clicking here.

Thanks Ervin for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • DBS

    Carrier pricing is always lower than retail prices because the phones are locked to that carrier. And no one buys locked phones from carriers in Europe (well, a very small minority does).

    Apart from that, this is neither affordable nor a flagship anyway. It’s just a phone with a SD835. That alone doesn’t make it a flagship “killer”. Not to mention all those “flagship killers” have been complete failures so far (and the OnePlus 5 specially).

    • Lars

      Carrier pricing is higher normally, not lower. At least in Germany.
      And yes, it is very affordable. In fact, it is going to be the only phone with these specs and price selling offline and online via various retailers. The only other phones in this category are Xiaomi Mi6 (which has to be imported) and the OnePlus 5 (which is only available online).
      Please, stop the trolling.

      • DBS

        Please stop lying.
        Carrier prices are always lower. Even in Germany. A simple consultation of the websites for Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom prove it. And that’s that way across all Europe.

        Try again.

        • Lars

          Wrong. Carrier prices ( full price) are always more expensive, because they don’t adapt to price changes. If you buy them with a lock they are bound to a monthly fee. The price listed here is a full upfront price. Smartphones that you buy from Vodafone and Telekom cost more than in other shops (and when you buy them upfront they are not locked to one carrier (that is forbidden in Germany, unless you are in a contract, which is not payed in a single payment.)
          The S8 is about 50€ more expensive on Telekom, Vodafone wants about 270€ more.

          • DBS

            And now you’re trying to shift it to the price of things overtime. We are talking launch prices. When a phone is launched the MSRP is lower on a carrier. Because you normally have some sort of contract with them (be it a service contract or the simple obligation to stay in the network for a period of time. For example, Vodafone requires the number you buy the phone with remains for 18 months on the network.

            Back to the topic: at launch carrier pricing is always lower. What happens is that carriers don’t lower the prices of the phones at the same rate the market does. So, for example, a phone like the S8 can be bought unlocked already for 600€. On a carrier, because they didn’t lower the price that quickly, that price will only likely happen when the S9 comes out. The G6 on the other hand has devalued so much that carrier prices will never reach the low level of the market.
            But we just need to look, for example, at Apple.
            The iPhone 7 32GB:

            Telekom – 729,95

            Apple – 759,00 €

            All of that said, and back to the Nokia 5.8, its MSRP on launch will not be of 519€. If anything, it might be 549,99€. And that’s assuming VAT has already been applied. Otherwise the price will be even higher than that since you have to add in the average 22-23% of VAT applied in Europe (and yes, I’m aware in Germany you only pay 19% VAT. There’s a reason all my old Nokia Lumias were bought there. But that’s not the average European value for VAT).

    • Iain Simpson

      the phones that I have purchased in Romania in previous years have never been locked to the carrier.

  • Gerrard Jr

    hope to see nokia 8 under Rs 35000 in india

  • John Jennings

    Does this also mean that the phone will be coming to market quite soon after launch, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?