Nokia 9 leaks are now coming thick and fast and that certainly indicates that HMD has entered into the last leg of Nokia 9 testing before the impending official unveil. After passing through the EA Union certification earlier, Nokia 9 has now cleared BSIG Bluetooth certification. The variant TA-1004 that appeared with 4GB RAM and Snapdragon 835 earlier, has been now caught in the Bluetooth certification.

The certification shows that Nokia TA-1004 will come with Bluetooth 4.2 support. The certification lists it as NB1 in a bid to perhaps hide its real identity from prying eyes.

We reported about the appearance of a Nokia 9 variant with 6GB RAM and even an 8GB RAM variant on Geekbench. A previously unknown variant of Nokia 9 TA-1052 also appeared in the Benchmark listing. This one also has 4 GB RAM and of course, runs Snapdragon 835.

TA-1004 and TA-1012 had appeared as a pair in the EA Union certification and that may indicate that one of them may be Single-SIM while other the Dual-SIM variant.

In case you want to check how it may look like you can read our article here. Here are some probable Nokia 9 collated specs as per input from our sources and leaks.

Nokia 9 major specs:

  • 5.5-inch, QHD resolution display
  • Snapdraon 835
  • 4GB / 6GB / 8GB RAM
  • 64 GB ROM
  • 13 MP Dual-Lens Rear Camera
  • 13 MP Front camera
  • IP68 Water / Dust resistant

We also reported about three probable Nokia Phones passing certifications in Russia. TA-1013 / TA-1040, TA-1007 / TA-1029 & TA-1005 have appeared for the very first time anywhere. TA-1005 may be another variant of TA-1004 aka Nokia 9.

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Source: BSIG