Here in this article, I have tried to consolidate N9 apps from many sources and articles.This will help users to decide on apps fit for their specific needs.I will keep it updating as well.

Two new app updates to this article:

MeeScan Barcode reader:

It is a simple but powerful app developed by Nokia for N9.Hit the link below for downloading this app from nokia store.

Calendar feed:

This is an amazing addition to N9’s usability.With this app one can add upcoming 5-6 calendar events feed to the feed homescreen in N9.Hit the link below to download this app from store.

The apps listed below are taken from Nokia conversations’s article,and are available in ovi store.


Having YouTube on your mobile is the perfect way to watch music videos or any other YouTube content. cuteTube brings YouTube to your Nokia N9 and allows you to browse, search, play, upload and download videos. You can also manage your uploads, favorites, playlists and subscriptions.

Nokia Live View

Live View shows you points of interest in a heads-up display type view. This augmented reality application lets you filter out specific types of businesses including restaurants, banks and so forth. You can even read restaurant reviews and pull up walking directions to business in your viscinity.

Clipman –

Ever want more than simple copy/paste functionality on your N9? Clipman helps you manage your text-based clipboard by keeping the data in s small data. You can run Clipman and see your copy/paste history and paste large blocks of text into documents, SMS, IM or command line. This is a geeky yet useful application.

Tag Center –

Everyone knows the Nokia N9 has an NFC chip inside, but the useful applications for it are sometimes hard to find. Tag Center exposes discount coupons, content and applications from brands at participating locations where the posters exist.

fMobi –

I can’t believe I left this off the original must-have list. fMobi is the best Facebook client for my Nokia N8 and because it’s a Qt application, it’s a strong contender on the N9 as well. fMobi keeps you ‘in the loop’ with all your Facebook friends including place check-ins, notifications and more.

Calendar Feed –

The notification screen on the N9 shows recent Tweets, missed SMS and email messagex; but wouldn’t it be useful to see what’s coming up on your calendar too? Calendar Feed solves this issue by showing you your next appointment on your calendar for easy access. You’ll never miss an appointment again.

TwimGo –

The onboard Twitter application on the N9 is sufficient for my use, but another popular client is available in the Nokia Store as well. TwimGo offers a unique user interface. One facet I like about TwimGo is that this application shows a grid view in landscape mode and a list view in portrait mode.

PhoneTorch –

Sometimes you’re in the dark and you just need a flashlight. The Nokia N9 features an LED camera flash, when enabled, can be a very effective flashlight in a pinch. PhoneTorch N9 LED Flashlight enables the bright white LEDs to light your way when you need to find something in the dark or use your keys to open your car at night.

Nokia City Scene

City Scene presents a much needed addition to any maps application. Once you find a point of interest inside this application, you can see a picture of the front of the business. By integrating with NAVTEQ street imagery, you can see the building fronts for cities such as London and about a dozen US cities.

Following apps are from different sources,

Apps for Meego client:

You can go to and search for “apps for meego client” and can download many apps for N9,which have been provided by meego community.

Dynamic calendar icon:

 Dynamic calendar icon

Diferent Tack twitter app:

It is a twitter app with a twist.Favourite of many.

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