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Out of all the games I have played just from looking around on the windows phone store and ones that I have posted about, I finally narrowed it down to my top three.

3. Minion Rush


This game plays very similar to other popular games in the windows phone store like temple run, subway suffers, and rail rush, but his one made my top 3 because it is movie themed, I like minions, the smooth gameplay, and the addition of movie extras into the game.

2. Angry Birds Go!


I was a huge fan of Angry Birds when it came out, but Angry Birds Go! throws in a different challenge with the birds we have come to know and love so much.  It incorporates the birds special abilities from pervious games, but throws a mario cart twist in with it.  As you play through different challenges in the game you bring in more birds to race with and build up your junk cart to a racing machine.

1. Puzzle Retreat


You start Puzzle Retreat with a simple concept, fill all the tiles with blocks of ice, but eachpuzzle pack has a different theme where you have to think differently.  Of my top three this is the simplest game to play.  I love games that make me think and Puzzle Retreat hit the nail on the head with that one, then when you mix in the different themes and twists of each puzzle pack you have a 5 star game.

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