As it seems that Apps are the king in today’s world, Nokia is working hard on bringing more and more important apps to its portfolio of Asha and Lumia devices. Nokia is also increasingly focusing more on its full-touch Asha devices than it is on the cheaper keypad based devices.

The app journey continues with the introduction of Nokia Mail for Exchange and WeChat, which are now available for almost the whole range of Asha Full-Touch phones.

mail-for-exchange + whatsapp

Nokia Mail for Exchange allows you to connect to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync business and personal emails and the client app  is capable of syncing your mails, contacts and calender data with Microsoft® Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 Servers and Microsoft® Office 365 Mobility Online Service.
Note: As the app needs to run in the background, not all devices are supported. Open the store client on your phone to see if the app is available for your phone or not.

WeChat as we all know is a well-known cross platform messaging application, similar to WhatsApp which is also available on Windows Phone, Android, iOS and Symbian. WeChat java app is well developed and properly works within the limits that the Java platform has.  Users can also record and send quick voice messages and photos besides normal messaging.

Some reports from Nokia Developer forum are claiming that Nokia is asking developers to no-longer focus much on theme making as beginning June, only a select few themes will be accepted. The developers are being asked to focus more and more on new and innovative Apps.

Do you own a Nokia Asha touch phone? Let us know your views about the new apps that are coming to these phones.