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Lumia WP8 devices take 13 out of top 20 selling positions (1st rank as well) at Expansys USA!!


We tried to resist the temptation of posting it. After all many of us believe that Expansys doesn’t deal into large volumes. But then many of you kept it sending to us in some way or other. So, here it goes :P. Lumia WP8 devices are ruling the roost at Expansys US. 13 out of 20 top-selling devices at Expansys are Lumia WP8 devices.  In fact even the top seller device is none other than Lumia 620. Amazed, yup it looks really amazing now when Lumia 620 and Lumia 520 are already available on carriers in US. Hope, this turns into Nokia’s turnaround story in US, this quarter.


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  • Renee

    Why is that Samsung thing shown??

  • John

    This is natural. Why would you buy Kia(Samsung) when with less money you can buy Lumia(Mercedes) from NoKia.

  • Whatever

    I would not read too much at the Expansys lists, they are notoriously bad at predicting real sales.

    Nice work with the redesign of the site, this one is a much better WP theme than the previous one. I would toss the wood texture from the back away though, it does not relate to Nokia at all and is very out of place in here. If anything, it resembles the skeuomorphic textures iPhone uses.

  • Willy

    “In late 2011, EXPANSYS began to sell phones from the official windows phone website and is the default UK provider on the Microsoft website”.

    As you can see this list says nothing! Soo tired of your uncritical site

    • Kamal Mishra

      And wikipedia where one can enter nearly anything of his liking is the best source to ridicule something which is genuine. Great to have ur mighty presence on our “uncritical site” ;).

      • troll

        So true, Wikipedia is not a reliable source. I did purchase a 620 from expansysusa and it is a great phone. Fits my hands better than any other and is cheaper than an iPod. I get most of my Nokia accessories from expansysusa and asked that they would carry the shells. They did and they received an order for 2 more from me.