When you plug in your Windows Phone after it has completely run out of battery, it usually takes around a minute (or even more in some cases) for it to glow its lights and boot up to show that it has started charging. Now this annoying situation seems to have been fixed as folks at UnleashThePhones are pointing out that the Lumia 925 will use its capacitive Windows button to indicate the user that it has started charging and there’s nothing to worry.

lumia 925 front
The button will however not glow up during normal charging (don’t know if Nokia will add a setting for that as well) and will only glow up when the phone has fully drained its battery.

The feature is also expected to reach other members of the Lumia family with the upcoming Amber update.

Do you think it’s a worthwhile feature, or is it useless? Let us know using the comments section below.