Though Expansys is not the largest volume seller of smartphones, but has most extensive online retail presence worldwide. So, even if its best-selling lists may not give most accurate information about how well a smartphone is selling, but pre-order ranks certainly give a peek into popularity of a smartphone. In fact its pre-order is usually unpaid hence it is unbiased interest of prospective buyers that reflects. Now, the latest global flagship from Nokia, Lumia 925 is enjoying very good interest at Expansys across many markets. Especially in big markets like China, France and Germany it is top pre-ordered smartphone. Also if you check the link across other small European countries you will see it dominating the pre-order list everywhere. Though as we mentioned, it may not be the most accurate precursor to super strong sales, but nonetheless indicates device’s popularity and buyer’s interest. Check link of some if the countries given below. Check the 3rd tab for the pre-order rankings.

Expansys China

Expansys France

Expansys Germany

Expansys Denmark

Expansys Netherlands

Thanks Rogers for the Tip. Cheers!!

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