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Lumia 920 official product page goes live. Check the specs.

Lumia 920 product page has gone live on Nokia’s Global site.

At a glance

  • 8.7 megapixels Camera sensor (main camera resolution)
  • Nokia PureView Camera
  • 4.5 ” Display size
  • 10 h Maximum 3G talk time
  • 400 h Maximum 3G standby time
  • 67 h Maximum music playback time
  • 6 h Maximum video playback time
  • Our most innovative Lumia

    Take bright, blur-free photos and videos in any light conditions with PureView technology – Optical Image Stabilisation and Carl Zeiss lens – and then relive the moment on a 4.5” PureMotion HD+ display.

  • Capture the magic

    Create perfect group photos with Smart Shoot by picking the best expression for each person.

  • Find your way

    Know more about the neighbourhood than the locals by viewing the world through Nokia City Lens.

  • Designed to wow

    Show off with vibrant colours, a one-piece polycarbonate body, and ceramic zirconium camera detailing and side keys.

Lumia 920 page

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  • lukeskymac

    Methinks Tiqitoq is experiencing a severe case of Buyer’s Remorse followed by a troll-like attempt to justify his purchase by slamming its usurper 😉

  • Haven’t you heard about a phone called iPhone 4S with puny 3.5 inch screen and 8 MP camera.It sold in millions and still selling very well. Word of mouth matters more than anything and it comes if someone has great experience with some phone.

    Nokia has done a great work here bringing best in class Design, Display and Imaging in one device. You wouldn’t get such a great combo of vital features in any present device :). Name one if you can ?

  • Is that what nokia was teasing that would change everything? LOL! Disappointing!! Frustrating..

    when will they learn? today’s competition is all about higher #s – multicores, higher MP count (not necessarily 41). because majority of the buyers are fascinated by higher #s,,, because majority of them don’t read blogs, because many of them don’t read phone reviews.

    so what if it produce blurr free images or amazing videos? after all, very few people would be aware of it. very few of them would care about it. & for majority of the buyers, whether “higher/more is better” is always true or not, they always tend to believe that “higher/more is always better”.

    PureMotion HD+? Why did they call it like that? Its so confusing.. when somebody hears it, its so likely that they will think its the “video version” of PureView. Why not just call it CBD+ or CBD HD+?


    So don’t be surprised if this phone doesn’t attract much buyers. Specially that iphone5 is coming. In fact in gsmarena website, it doesn’t even generate much interest to the readers. But when nokia 808 was announced, the readers interest was so overwhelming. It was even in the #1 spot for “months”. So what does that mean?

    Oh & now i can proudly say I did a right decision – the decision not to wait for this lumia but instead bought a Nokia 808.

    OH! Wait! where’s FM receiver & transmitter? HDMI? Rich Audio Recording?

    & LED flash instead of Xenon? Funny! No memory card expansion slot? Ridiculous!

    So for me, it would change nokia’s future..but… from “worse” to “worst”. 🙁

    BTW, I’m not a nokia hater, I’m an avid nokia fan. I’m a proud owner of Nokia 808 & more-than-6-year-old finland-made Nokia N70-00.

    I want Nokia to return to the throne, but yesterday’s announcement was a disappointment for me. So for me, just for me, Nokia has to prepare their Plan B.

    Cheers!!! 🙂