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Seems, intense debate has been going on about Lumia 1020 vs 808 PureView post Lumia 1020’s launch. Now, we know how much 808 PureView owners love and are proud of their phones. So if something will be cited to be better than that then it won’t go unchallenged without enough evidence :P. Also, some have opined that Lumia 1020 images have more noise than 808 PureView even without comparing both in similar conditions.

Though, if you ask us, then we have found the official samples provided by Nokia forĀ  Lumia 1020 having similar level of details and clarity as with our own 808 PureView images. For example have a look at the image below.


So, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the above image. But do you know it is just a crop from a 5 MP image taken with Lumia 1020 and below is the original 5 MP image.


Impressed? We certainly are and it is in no way worse than what 808 can click in similar conditions.

Anyways, many doubters have reached Damian Dinning, ex-Imaging guru and Juha, head of imaging , Nokia with their doubts and they have sought to clarify,

Lumia 1020 has same level of sharpness as of 808 PureView for same level of exposure and ISO settings.

It has better oversampling algorithms rendering an even better 5 MP image than 808 PureView.

The max exposure time for Lumia 1020 is 4 sec, which is even better than 808’s 2.7 sec, which was the best for a smartphone earlier.


Hope, it clears some misconceptions and confusions!!

Source: Twitter

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