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After many other leaksters championing the cause of Lumia 1020 leaks, the original leakster “Vizileaks” strikes back. They have serially leaked first two low light samples captured with Lumia 1020 and the great deal about these two pictures is that both have been taken at the same time with Lumia 1020 camera, one in 40 MP and one in low resolution. Yup, as rumored Lumia 1020 has dual-capture where you can capture one high-res and one pureview mode image at the same time.

PureView image:


40 MP image:



What is sweet that they have also leaked¬† a screenshot of this “dual-capture” mode. Last but not the least have a look at real-life photo of Lumia 1020.

BO2XUruCUAA9PHG.jpg large

BO2Vt5iCMAAk0Sa.png large

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