Lumia 920 announced:

8.7 MP PureView Camera with image stabilization. PureView lets the shutter stay open longer. “The technology reacts to the minute movements in your hand to balance the lens.” floating lens” optical image stabilization system for much sharper photography in low-light situations, an improved app and camera interface, and the ability to record 1080p HD video.

City Lens demoed. Nokia City lens allows you to see the names of restaurants, cafes, on your smartphone display.”

Indoor Maps

2000 MAh battery.

Puremotion HD+ display. CDB tech gets better. The best display available on any smartphone.

Wireless charging. Virging Atlantic to place wireless chargers. In a deal with Nokia.

Fatboy wireless charging pillow.


JBL speaker play music and charge the Battery wirelessly altogether.

Nokia has incresed aperture of the camera on Lumia 920. It is F2.0 now.


Lumia 820 also announced with 4.3 inch display.Swapable covers. Built in NFC.

The cover gives it wireless charging.

Carl-Zeiss lens without PureView.

WP8 features:

Screenshots: Power +home button.

IE10 with HTML5 support