Google has now officially updated a it’s Google search app on the Android platform.

The Google app for Android is getting updated with some interesting new features. The update to Google app comes with app version This new update for Google app is already live in the Google Play Store. For those wondering about the update size, it weighs around 44MB in total.

Taking about some new features, you can use voice commands while navigation even if the data network is not available. You can use commands like – “cancel my navigation” “what’s my ETA?” or “what’s my next turn?” etc. Another changelog mentioned is offline search support which was already available since long. There are some new customization options added to the cards in your Google Feed.


  • Use voice commands while navigating – even when your device has no connection. Try saying “cancel my navigation” “what’s my ETA?” or “what’s my next turn?”
  • Weak connection? If your search fails, the Google app will deliver you results once you regain connection.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues with more helpful error cards when your search fails because your device is offline
  • New customization options available for cards in your feed

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