ab162692-4e7e-4e9a-8354-a9359c724fbfGameloft is one of the greatest developers when it comes to addictive and attractive Mobile Gaming. A few weeks after updating the Android version, Gameloft has released the World at Arms game over at Windows Phone Store as well. The updates and improvements done in the Android version are also included, hence equaling the experience at both the platforms.

World at Arms is a game for strategy lovers and is available as a free download. However like many other gameloft games, there is a in-app purchase system which can help in proceeding through the missions quickly by purchasing virtual coins. Overall a nice experience which will suit both, the free game lovers and those who are willing to spend in order to gain better and quicker rankings.

Game Features

  1. A free war simulation game with brilliant graphics, stunning animations, and realistic units & buildings
  2. Collect resources, build, upgrade, and fuse units, construct facilities, and complete numerous achievements to earn free bonuses
  3. Engage in innovative battles across the globe and on various terrains (desert, urban, underwater & more)
  4. Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game on the market that offers deep-sea exploration and battles!
  5. Construct the new super unit, Atlas, and use it as a game-changer in battle!
  6. Join Factions with other players or form your own to wage war, dominate, and win rewards
  7. Connect with your friends via Facebook and borrow their units during battle

To download, head to the windows phone store here