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Did fear of Nokia going Android forced #MS to buy #Nokia before “recommitment date of 2014”?

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We will never know the deeper reality under the media and official channels fed “Nokia will become stronger” and “will bring better products” lessons. Anyways thanks to Shanad04 for sending this in. This is slide 4 from MS’s “Strategic rationale” presentation on buying Nokia out. Interesting to note the “recommitment date of 2014” on this slide. So, it seems Nokia and MS were supposed to renew the Nokia’s exclusive commitment to Windows Phone in 2014 and just before that MS pulled the trigger.

So, was Nokia board planning to break this exclusivity and opt for Android as an alternative / secondary OS in 2014? May be this was the fear which led MS work in hurry and get the Nokia away from “Nokia”. Nokia not selling “Nokia” brand rights for smartphones may also hint on such possibility of Nokia planning to use it for smartphones in near-future.

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  • vishwajeet

    nokia can manufacture smartphones under its “nokia” name…..may be nokia will manufacture android smartphones some day, as nokia has retained RIGHTS to put nokia logo on its smartphones. M$ has rights over S30 and S40 phones and we all know these dumb phones have how much time left. So Nokia has done a great job. Nokia will rise again 🙂

  • peterfrank

    the only people in the world who wanted that MS bbought Nokia is MS self and alle big Stockholders from Nokia! Is it just coincidence that many of the b oard members an big player at nokia all bought big stock numbers when nokia was under 2$ now its almost triple of that…
    If Nokia Corporation want to start again they just need to buy jolla for loew price and give them the opportunity to make top devices… Honestly they wont do it but i really hope for it.
    Now Nokia and Microsoft the both titans who have the biggest problems since touch based devices were introduces for the whole world. i dont think microsoft bought nokias innovative team to save them! Its more likely microsoft whole surface,wp8, RT and Windows products need to be saved from nokia. rt is a failure, nokia rt tablet will come this year, surface and wp8 is a failure up to now…

    a few would say wp 8 is not a failure because nokia could sell ca 8Mio units BUT for me its even though nokia lumias runs with WP8 they could sell this much. you can see samsung and htc just how much they shipped when the system is so great why does it only work for nokia?

    • In a way I’m happy about the acquisition. Elop the Trojan is gone.

      I’ve kept defending the discontinuation of Symbian and Meego, but to be true Symbian had the way and scope to live. If not the high end phones, then the mid range phones, if not them, even it could’ve made Asha phones a superpower. S60 running phones were awesome. A trimmed down version of Symbian could’ve made each and every buyer of Nokia Asha super happy and satisfied

      Meego should’ve worked in any case. Whatever the situation be,m if Nokia was able to bring over 600+ high quality apps to this WP with hell lot of OS level and API restrictions, their Homegrown Open Source Meego should’ve definitely received better developer attention. Plus not to mention the fact that Open Source community is huge and is loved.

      OPK actually had a nice future plan for Nokia, but maybe failed to execute it properly. Or maybe he wasn’t given enough time. Elop came with his own strategy, just to help Microsoft in rising up.

      Now that Elop is gone, I’m sure the rest of Nokia will live on and create something new which will be more awesome than the competition.

      BTW, has anyone seen a CEO leaving without any advance 6-month or atleast a 3-month Notice about his departure? Maybe board really tried to rid of him and throw him away with the loss making handset unit to save Nokia Corp. 😛

      • troll

        I think after 50 meetings the deal for Elop to leave was part of it on Microsoft s side. My guess he’s already the top pick for next CEO of Microsoft by their board. Hopefully new licenses and Here advances will continue to grow under the Microsoft license but in auto cloud Here is really important. I saw somewhere Nokia had a business relationship with one of top in car infotainment companies in the U.S. and Continental in Europe. The pressure is on Here sales team.

        • For some reason, I doubt that Elop will ever command Microsoft’s CEO’s position.

          Surely the here team is under pressure, but the Microsoft deal is fishy. They have allowed MS the power to play with maps, change the code and all sort of things that an owner can. Nokia has just not let them call themselves as the owners. I’m not sure if they can edit the codes of the services they are provided with or apparently the whole of Here Maps thing, including the DB.

          • Kamal Mishra

            Elop has the CEO for MS deal done afaik…

  • The return of Nokia will be hardly possible now. In this tech revolution, its too too hard to start from Zero. That’s why Microsoft needed Nokia.
    While I’ll still hope for a return, I know how hard it is. No more Manufacturing Plants, No more development/design teams, No more Care centers. Nokia would need a huge investment if they ever wish to start again.
    Feature phones were a trust factor for Nokia and a way to keep them alive during the transition. Now that its gone, maybe everything is gone.

    • Kamal Mishra

      What if they acquire Jolla or some upcoming firm like “Smarterphone”…

      • While being a nice idea, Jolla itself has no scope as of now. Let’s see it when jolla reveals the numbers. The first problem that Nokia brand will face will be about service centers and selling points. They either will be needed to sell in only a few markets like Finland and China only or they’ll be needed to spend huge on making the business global again.

        I’ll still keep some hope at Nokia continuing the innovation inside the company and after 2 years when Nokia can use Nokia name again, shoot the market with a high quality Nokia running Android or Sailfish. Something which people will line up to buy. The buyers should approach Nokia rather than Nokia approaching buyers. I don’t think Nokia can come back in any scenario other than that. Then even Online sales can help Nokia stand up.

    • troll

      I agree, its better in tech to license the ideas than to try to sell the phones. You just want to make sure there are enough companies that do want to battle for that smartphone title to sell the licenses to and be able to sleep at night yourself.

  • troll

    I would say yes, the discussions started before sales were allowed to pick up, I had to wait 6 weeks for my 920 after ordering ,continued through rising sales which would have told the board Nokia is not finished and would have made a switch to Android possible. They wanted out of the phone business and I can’t blame them. Hope the graphene tubes filled with substance to create electric power and fitted into highways and paved roads using the sun to heat the road and graphene tubes works to bring low cost power to our homes by running power from the roadway. Sun and cars heating mass and tubes, creating reaction for power, power through lines from highway to battery storage for homes. Just an idea Nokia Research Center.