windows 10 mobile parallel

Windows 10 Mobile has made a great progress since the first technical preview was released back in 2015. No, I am not talking about the apps, but the aesthetics of the platform whether it is the improved live tiles space or actionable toast notifications or the simple customization of the lock-screen/start-screen.

Although, the team at Microsoft is listening to the feedback keenly via Insider Program, still it didn’t meet the aspirations and hopes of many die-hard fans around the globe.

In honor of their hopes and dreams, Dohyun Harry Kim (boxnwhisker) has come up with a nice design concept calling it Windows 10 Mobile Parallel, which has received a lot of praise among the mobile community, so far, with a little disagreement as well.

Take a look at the video below where he has highlighted a number of things like split-screen multitasking, task manager, tile context menu, landscape mode, visual web page scrolling in Edge browser, multiple start screens,  3D tile flip and more.


For the graphics, you can visit the gallery on behance

Let us know what do you think of these concept features coming to the real world. Hit the comments below.