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In its report for Q3, Canalys has mentioned that while iOS and Android market share has been static on a sequential basis, Windows Phone has grown to 4% by posting a 185% YoY growth over Q3 2012. It puts Q3 shipments figure to 9.2 million and also confirms earlier report that Nokia was 4th largest vendor in the US market.

These two vendors account for almost 70% of the market there. LG held onto third place in North America, while Nokia has moved from eighth to fourth place after making gains from its competitors with its new flagship products, the Lumia 1020 and 925.

The report reveals that Windows Phone has outsold iOS in as many as 19 markets. Market share for some of the top markets for Windows Phone are, Finland-39%; Vietnam-16%; Italy-15%; Thailand-11%; Turkey-11%; Russia-8%.

In terms of platforms, the Android and iOS shares were static sequentially, but Microsoft increased its share of the market to 4%. It increased its shipments by 185% to 9.2 million units against Q3 2012, which helped to place it as the second biggest OS in 19 countries, most notably Finland, with a 39% share; Vietnam, with 16%; Italy, with 15%; Thailand, with 11%; Turkey, with 11%; and Russia, with 8%.

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