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Windows Phone gains 152% in Spain

It seems that finally Spain is also getting a little bit of Windows Phone fever. Of all Europe countries Spain and The Netherlands always fell a little behind in the statistics but it looks like times are changing. These statistics show that the last 3 months to April the marketshare changed as follows compared to a year earlier:

Android 92 > 86.1(6% down)
iOS 4.8 > 8.7 (81% up)
Windows Phone 1.9 > 4.8 (152% up)

We of course hope that this figures wil continue to rise 🙂



Roger Hendriks
He is CTO of Fenêtre internet applications and co-owner of Keen On Apps (, both located in The Netherlands. Roger is the face behind NPU’s Windows Phone app and writes interesting articles on NPU when he gets time from donning the role of CTO of his company. Write to him at Email: [email protected]