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Windows Phone gains 152% in Spain

It seems that finally Spain is also getting a little bit of Windows Phone fever. Of all Europe countries Spain and The Netherlands always fell a little behind in the statistics but it looks like times are changing. These statistics show that the last 3 months to April the marketshare

Adduplex teaser: Lumia 920 holds 14% share of all WP7.5 and WP8 devices. 10 countries with lowest Nokia marketshare.

[email protected] has started teasing with current WP stats based on application usage. According to one teaser, Lumia 920  now holds 14% share of all WP7 and WP8 devices in market. Bravo!! Also in second teaser he has given 10 countries where Nokia is having lowest  WP market share. And guess what, Nokia has more

(AT&T) Lumia 920 has 2% of overall Windows Phone marketshare, just one week in release.

Numerous sold outs and best selling chart performances not withstanding, we are getting close to some statistical evidences of Lumia 920 performing really beyond expectations. AdDuplex has shared the stats based on the "application" usage by various windows phone devices. AdDuplex has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 920, with 2 percent of usage is