Numerous sold outs and best selling chart performances not withstanding, we are getting close to some statistical evidences of Lumia 920 performing really beyond expectations. AdDuplex has shared the stats based on the “application” usage by various windows phone devices.

AdDuplex has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 920, with 2 percent of usage is mostly AT&T Lumia 920 with description “RM-820_nam_att_100”. This makes sense as the reporting date is 14th November, just one week after device got released by AT&T and Rogers Canada and was not available in other markets yet.

Now in case you are thinking about what this 2% mean, we need to first find out how many Windows phone devices( 7.X and 8) could have been in the market by November 2012. This chart doesn’t have devices before WP7.5 .

So, adding from the time Lumia 800 came to market (Q4 2011),

1 million + 3 million + 5 million +4 million +1 million = 14 million, till mid-November starting from Q4 2011.

Out of 14 million, 2% will stand for nearly 280,000 which is really awesome considering this is primarily AT&T  and Rogers figure that too in just a single week. Just, extrapolate and see the fun.  Claim of 2.5 million bookings in 20 days looks quite valid now!!