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Adduplex data: Highlights and trends!! Lumia 520 is the top dog. Lumia 620, 521, 928 rising too. Nokia’s domination grows.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Highlights and trends identified from the Adduplex’s stats for WP devices captured on 10th July. Lumia 520′s exponential rise continues worldwide. Lat month it was 5th most sold WP device and now it is the no. 1 device overtaking Lumia 920. It has grown from 20.8% to 31.3% in India

(AT&T) Lumia 920 has 2% of overall Windows Phone marketshare, just one week in release.

Numerous sold outs and best selling chart performances not withstanding, we are getting close to some statistical evidences of Lumia 920 performing really beyond expectations. AdDuplex has shared the stats based on the "application" usage by various windows phone devices. AdDuplex has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 920, with 2 percent of usage is