Above chart is for last month WP stats released by Adduplex, which puts Lumia 520’s global WP share at 4.4% just one month in release. Now Alon form Adduplex has teased some key points from upcoming report for month of May and guess what Lumia 520 has almost doubled its market share in one month, which is very impressive as Lumia 520 will now make nearly 8.8% of total WP devices there in market. If you want to have a feel of our analysis of last month stats, click here.

Other key point teased is that WP8 devices sold have finally overtaken sold WP7 devices in number. Though, our experience shows that Adduplex data is nearly 30% skewed towards WP8 devices.

Third point is 50% WP devices in India are Lumia WP8 devices, which is really good news.

Fourth point is that top 8 and 9 out of 10 most used WP devices are Lumia devices.

Fifth point is that Verizon has perhaps overtaken AT&T as the top WP8 selling carrier in US. It was expected with Lumia 928 being available at Verizon finally.

More to come late in day perhaps. We will keep you updated.


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