Time for some Windows Phone stats via Adduplex November report. While we reported about some new devices found in Adduplex database already, here is more about how the Windows Phone installed base looks like in the moth of November.

Windows Phone 8.1 now runs on 50.8% of devices:

Microsoft would like to boast of this figure, as that shows good update support for the OS.adduplex 1

Worldwide, top 18 devices are from Nokia /  Microsoft Mobile:

adduplexVerizon grows its market-share by 1.5% (by selling what??):

adduplex 2Lumia 520 losing share, Lumia 630 / 635 gains everywhere:

That’s the story everywhere!! In Italy, France, Brazil and nearly everywhere else, Lumia 630 /  Lumia 635 has gained share from Lumia 520.

adduplex 3Keeping the Lumia 630 upward trend in mind, we can expect Lumia 535 to make Windows Phone grow faster than ever, when it gets widely released.