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Seems post launch, Lumia 1020 popularity has gone up sharply and as of 12th of July, it’s peak search interest of 100 is just double of Lumia 520’s 50, which is certainly huge. It has in fact become the top searched Lumia ever and as of 12th July its search interest is almost 73% of SGS4’s search interest.

If Lumia 1020 sustains its popularity like this in coming days, then may be Lumias have finally arrived as a brand.

Google trends link


Current Google trends data throws light on how Lumia 1020 has become the most searched Lumia post its launch. Currently it is no. 1 searched Lumia with score of 96 as compared to 88 of second most popular, yes the mass favorite Lumia 520.

While jump in Lumia 1020’s popularity is impressive, but the way Lumia 520 is only gaining in popularity with time perhaps is more impressive. Our recent report from India has shown how, Lumia 520 is gaining sales momentum even in Q3 and KWP says that with release of Lumia 520, Nokia may have touched 11% market share in UK.



Needless to say, Nokia can really depend on Lumia 520 for its volume aspirations in Q3 as well, while Lumia 1020 may provide that much needed margin due to premium it commands.

Thanks Rogers for the Tip. Cheers!!


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