In what seems to be encouraging trend for Windows Phone OS and obviously for Microsoft and Nokia, Windows Phone OS appears for the first time in the list of “Top 8 mobile operating systems” in StatCounter’s worldwide stats for “Mobile OS”. The data has been registered since wk 39 of 2012, which is end of September. From 0.83 % in  wk 39,  it has grown to 1.06 % in current week, which shows a more than 28% growth (Considering the fact that from wk 39 to now Global OS installed base may have seen addition of more than 200 million devices) in installed Windows phone global base in 15 weeks. Point to remember, it is installed user base and not the current sales/market share.

Though the method of recording this installed user base may not be sacrosanct and the % of WP OS shown here may be debatable, but still good to see the OS registering its presence and growing with each passing week.