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The Snapchat Windows Phone saga

6snap snapchat

As many of you may have noticed: Snapchat is no friend of Windows Phone. In December Snapchat started locking accounts of Snapchat users using third party apps including Windows Phone users. Far worse, Snapchat forced Microsoft to remove the very popular Snapchat app 6snap from the Store. Since then a lot of

Windows Phone gains 152% in Spain

It seems that finally Spain is also getting a little bit of Windows Phone fever. Of all Europe countries Spain and The Netherlands always fell a little behind in the statistics but it looks like times are changing. These statistics show that the last 3 months to April the marketshare

A small Nokia US market analysis

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Hi all Nokiapoweruser fans, first of all I would like to say thanks to Kamal for letting me write on this great blog! Hope you all like my first article, I'm open for comments @rogerhendriks. After a little personal analyses of the US market it was difficult to draw some