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In weekend watch, we are bringing to you hands-on demo videos of Asha 501. Though during the Nokia India event we couldn’t manage to get sufficient time for a comprehensive demo, but below two videos are what we managed.

The UI instantly reminds one of Nokia N9’s UI with “Swipe” navigation and “Fastlane” is really very neat and innovative. So, you have two homes screens, Fastlane , where you have all the recently opened apps listed and you can access them when you want and swipe and you get the apps icon home screen. From, any open apps, swiping to right takes you back to the home. Really, cool way of multitasking and navigating through the UI!!

Also, you can check the “Glance screen” and “Double tap to wake up” which will come to Lumias with Amber update.

Stay tuned for full review and more hands-on videos when we get the review unit.

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