This was certainly my mistake to miss out on such cool advert, in fact one of the best advertisements ever made by Nokia or else for Lumia 920!! It was tipped by “Tellus” on 5th March itself and now it is everywhere :). Anyways, here you go, if you haven’t seen this rap style Lumia 920 switch pitch yet, don’t dare to miss it !!

It is really very well made and has been shot entirely with Lumia 920 only !! It can teach Nokia’s marketing team a lesson or two in creating catchy ads, which can put all the “amazing innovations” of Lumia 920 forth in a powerful manner.

Catch the video and lyrics below,



In zero degrees, your hands won’t freeze
PureMotion works with gloves and even keys
My high def screen cannot be damaged
Gorilla Glass guarantees no scratches

Hitch a ride to a new destination
Gonna get there with free navigation
Don’t need no data connection
WIFI’s gonna boost your map collection

If you’re sick of traffic like I am too
Then H-E-R-E Transit was made for you
With 600 cities under the hood
You get around just like the way you should

Oh Oh Oh it’s magic – no it’s not
I used Cinemagraph to take that shot
But how can a shadow dance on its own
It was made by Scalado, it’s homegrown

Dodgy neighborhood, my hands are kinda shaky
Optical Image Stabs’ gonna save me
Look at those kids, they ran in the shot
Erase ’em with Smartshoot, right on the spot

Hello mister, I’m looking for a bar
Look right here, there’s one not too far
When I wanna hit up a brand new place
I use City Lens to give buildings a face

It’s 4 AM when you hit the bed
Ain’t goin’ alone cause your battery’s dead
9-2-0 don’t cause no stress
This smartphone charges wireless