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It is certainly getting better. Now the Amazon’s overall best seller on-contract phone list has Lumia 1020 as the top-selling Lumia device at 7th rank. Impressive for a device with $250 tag. It has also become 2nd best seller in AT&T as well mirroring its rank at AT&T website.


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Lumia 1020 is seeing continuous improvement in the sales traction across retailers and at the carrier AT&T. While the start was good at MS store where it still have the best deal available on form of camera grip, later it improved its standing at retailer Walmart and AT&T as well.

Now, even at Amazon it has become the 3rd top-selling AT&T device. This is really good for a device which is still priced $250 at Amazon.

UntitledAmazon link

Coming to the AT&T website itself, it is really amazing to see Yellow Lumia 1020 continuing as the 2nd most popular device. It is more impressive than any other sales chart performance as we haven’t seen Lumia 920 doing so well or appearing continuously in this popular devices list at AT&T. First we reported Lumia 1020 entering this popular devices list was some 10 days back.


Since then it has not only been in that list but also improved its standing to 2nd rank.Untitled1AT&T link

Lumia 1020 is not only creating lots of buzz about Nokia and its innovations but slowly getting more sales traction as well. So, what do you think? Is Nokia’s pricing strategy for Lumia 1020 really working?

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