As February 26 approaches, excitements around global launch and release of Nokia Android Phones is building up. Nokia 6’s dream run in China, where it has sold out twice in flash sales has added to the build-up. Coming to global models, till now we only had seen Nokia 6’s global variant TA-1003 passing certification. But now two new Nokia Android Phones have appeared in certification in Russia.

As you can see in the screenshot below TA-1008 and TA-1030 have passed certification in Russia. HMD Global Oy is listed as the vendor in the listing. There are more listings in the name of HMD but all belong to RM-XXXX category indicating Feature Phones.

It is not yet clear what these two codes TA-1008 and TA-1030 stand for but may be these are leaked Nokia D1, Nokia E1 and Nokia Heart smartphones. As is clear from Nokia 6 name; Nokia D1, Nokia E1 and Nokia Heart may also come out with other names.

The Nokia Flagship Android smartphones which we exclusively reported about earlier may or may not arrive at MWC 2017. They may still be in final phases of development. Though a rumor that claims them to come out asĀ  Nokia P1 says they will land at MWC.

We can expect 6-7 Nokia Android Phones in year 2017 as per a recent leak. Nokia 6 is already official now. You can read our full Nokia E1 coverage by clicking here. Read our Nokia D1 coverage by clicking here.

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