Android is a highly customizable operating system and lets you customize nearly everything. You can always customize your Android smartphone using launchers, themes, widgets, new fronts and much more.

There are different kinds of launchers available in the Google Play Store. All of them have different features and different ratings and come with a different user interface (UI) and design. What if someone using an Android device want to get the look of iOS in his/her smartphone? Well, we have a solution for you. Read the below article to get some of the best Android launchers with iOS-like UI and design.

xOS launcher:

xOS is one of the highly used Android launchers for those who want their Android smartphone to look like an iOS-based device. Some of the quick features include it’s simple and lightweight architecture, easier app handling like deleting and moving around,
a highly customizable home screen with lots of theme options and support for smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options an much more.

[appbox googleplay com.appx.pingguo.launcher&hl=en ]

One launcher:

One launcher is one of the finest and highly recommended on in our list. It comes with similar features like xOS launcher and some more. The only thing wrong about this one is a little older icon, especially from iOS 9. Spotlight search is also supported in this launcher, same as iOS.

[appbox googleplay ]

iLauncher i11:

This one is specially made keeping iOS 11 in mind. The iLauncher i11 brings iOS 11 to your Android smartphone (not exactly iOS 11, but UI). The iLauncher i11 comes with many interesting features like Smart Swipe down search screen, Beautiful Wallpaper, Custom icon pack, Power efficient,Swipe Lock, Pattern Lock, iOS Search, iOS Booster, iOS 11 Lock Screen, PIN with keypad lock,Press and Hold to Uninstall Apps, Sliding screen effect, icons, themes, wallpapers, Quick Touch, iControl and more.

[appbox googleplay com.tortuga.launcher.ilauncher11 ]

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7:

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7 is another such launcher for those who don’t want to use the default launcher that came with their Android smartphone. It comes with many personalization features like Sliding screen effect, test, icon, themes and wallpapers. Other important features like Quick touch, hide app, Smart search, iOS booster and more is present in this one also.

[appbox googleplay com.appvv.os9launcherhd ]

iLauncher OS 10:

The iLauncher OS 10 is another substitute to your default launcher if you don’t want that and want to have an iOS-like design on your Android smartphone. Quick features of iLauncher OS 10 includes iOS 10 like design, notifications like iOS 10, control center like iOS 10 ,lightweight, fast like default phone launcher, iOS 10 search and much more.

[appbox googleplay com.applelauncher.ilauncher.iphoneios10 ]