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Exclusive: Windows 10 Mobile Superphone Alcatel Idol Pro 4 major specifications

Microsoft and other Windows 10 Mobile vendors are planning to bring Flagships running Snapdragon 820 processor starting Summer. We have already seen HP Elite X3 getting launched and we exclusively reported about the Lumia...

Interesting: 2016 Lumia Flagship (RM-1162) shows up running Snapdragon 820

  Well, after reporting that Microsoft is testing next Lumia flagship, we just exclusively reported more details about the upcoming Lumia flagship running Snapdragon 820 that we will call Lumia 960 for ease, but that...

Exclusive: Specs of 2016 Lumia Flagship running Snapdragon 820

We earlier told you about the 2016 Lumia Flagship (let us us call it Lumia 960 for now, but it may not come as Lumia 960 finally) running Snapdragon 820 that will co-exist with...

Elite X3 & other Snapdragon 820 Windows 10 Mobile phones seen in Adduplex list

  So, Adduplex has made their report for February 2016 out and while they didn't find new phones from Microsoft, Samsung or HTC, but seems other vendors are bringing some interesting devices. While it is...

6-incher Windows 10 Mobile Phablet running Snapdragon 820 seen on GFXBench

We earlier reported about the first Windows 10 Mobile device named HP Falcon running Snapdragon 820 from a GFXBench entry. You can read all about HP Falcon leaks by clicking here. Now one more...

Is HP teasing upcoming Flagship HP Falcon??

We have earlier reported about HP Falcon and also included it into our 2016 expected Windows 10 Mobile devices list. The device has been leaked running Snadragon 820 and with a 5.8-inch 2K display....

First Lumia (Windows 10 Mobile) device running Snapdragon 820 leaks in Benchmark data

One and half a month ago we broke this exclusive piece of news via our sources that Microsoft is already testing Lumia prototypes based on Qualcomm' latest Snapdragon 820 processor. Now some evidence crops...

Surface Phone yes, but 2016 Lumia flagships with Snapdragon 820 already under testing

While we have reported about a certain Surface phone that can come with Surface design genes and an Intel chip, our sources tell us that Microsoft is already testing Lumia prototypes running Snapdragon 820...

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