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Exclusive: Specs of 2016 Lumia Flagship running Snapdragon 820

We earlier told you about the 2016 Lumia Flagship (let us us call it Lumia 960 for now, but it may not come as Lumia 960 finally) running Snapdragon 820 that will co-exist with much-rumored Surface Phone. From our expected Lumias & Windows 10 Mobile devices in 2016  article,

It seems as if Microsoft may adopt a Surface Pro 4 –  Surface Book kind of strategy here in mobiles too. There may be two flagships or super high-end devices, one with Snapdragon 820, more playful and another that may be claimed to be the ultimate powerhouse device, the Surface phone, with even ability to run Win32 apps and with and enhanced continuum. Read more about the Lumia 2016 Flagship here.

Now there are some more details that we can add about this Lumia 960 prototype, that is getting tested in many parts of world including India.

  • Metallic Frame body design
  • Iris Scanner
  • Snapdragon 820 Processor
  • Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 1
  • 5.5-inch, 2K display (Though prototypes go through changes, so resolution may or mayn’t change at later stage)
  • 8 MP FFC
  • 20 MP Rear camera
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16 GB / 32 GB storage (The prototype has only 16 GB storage)

The device we hear now may come out before the expected Q3 timeine and Microsoft is eying a late Q2 2016 for bringing this flagship. Though our source says plans can change later based on how the Windows 10 Mobile Redstone testing progresses. We have seen lots of delays in Threshold phase too. So don’t hold your breath!!

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  • Jon

    I hope there is a 4.7 – 5.2 inch option for a high-end Windows phone this year. I like my 950 so I may not even upgrade, but I definitely won’t buy a 5.5 – 6 inch screen device.

  • A Cave

    LOL I am loving these comments of late. When it comes to Android a 16 megapixels camera on Samsung’s phone are superbly awesome, infact the iPhone is even lower at 12 megapixels however persons vouche for them big time. I am not understanding this. Why is everyone expecting perfection and 3 million apps for a practically new OS ? ? Anyways, I applaud the attempts by the OEM’s to provide “Top” spec’d devices. MWC’16 completely tanked with all the “Me-too” Androids, with the HPElite X3 the only saving face device of the entire MWC, along with the Meizu Pro 5 with Ubuntu OS. I personally believe this year we will witness greater developments in the W10M platform. Outside of Ubuntu touch does any of the bigger platforms offer continuum or a process like it in any form ? When they do, you can get back to me. Cheers !

  • McHale72

    After suffering through the teething problems of the Lumia 950 XL and the hardware problems that never got resolved in my Lumia 930, I no longer recommend Windows Mobile. “Well, it’s getting better…” is a horrible way to start explaining Windows 10 or the new Lumias. Even with the latest preview OS version yesterday, I still have issues that regular users shouldn’t have to suffer through.

    It’s sad. Everything was looking up until Balmer left.

    • Kamal

      Windows 10 Mobile has just begun IMO. Microsoft’s handling going fwd will be crucial or it will sink.

      • robertwade

        It’s already sinking. These specs are completely uninspiring. A 20mp camera? Completely lame. Just like the 950, which was the biggest waste of money I ever spent.

        • McHale72

          I have to agree. The support on the 950 XL has been dismal at best but what’s actually insulting is AT&T is allowed to hold back firmware updates on it… A CARRIER UNBRANDED, UNLOCKED DEVICE. Hilariously, 10 runs better on my 640 than it does on my 950 XL. I’ll be picking up a shiny new Android once Mobile World Congress is over. I can’t stand Android but it’s better than WIndows 10 and let’s be honest, Microsoft supports Android better than WIndows Mobile with their own apps. WTF?!

          • Felomeng

            I love WP. but not WM. I was the insider and after trying, I didn’t buy the 950. 950, on hardware, is coolest ever. but it does not run WP! WM is buggy I ever see.
            I’m still using Lumia 920

            • McHale72

              My Lumia 920 is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. Hilariously (and sadly) my 640 runs better than the 950 XL when they are both running the same OS. Up until the very last firmware update, I didn’t have working WiFi. I still say WP 7.8 was the pinnacle of Windows mobile OS.

    • Pyrobri

      What 930 hardware problems? I’ve had mine since launch (coming up for 2 years) and never suffered any hardware issues, including after dropping it a couple of times…

    • Jon

      “Even with the latest preview OS version yesterday, I still have issues that regular users shouldn’t have to suffer through.”
      Preview OS builds are not for ‘regular users’. Perhaps if you were to leave the insider program you may encounter fewer issues, using the regular release builds that have been tested by the insiders, special folk who are not regular and are willing to test pre-release software.