So, Adduplex has made their report for February 2016 out and while they didn’t find new phones from Microsoft, Samsung or HTC, but seems other vendors are bringing some interesting devices. While it is very difficult to make out anything for sure from such lists, we can take educated guesses.

It seems two of the devices in the list are running on Snapdragon 820, as the list suggests.

  • Elite X3, the HP Elite X3 or HP Falcon appears in the list. The device has now leaked out in images and you can read more about it here.
  • MTP8996, seems to be one of the devices running Snapdragon 820
  • There is a Zebra MTP8994 too, a Snapdragon 810 running device
  • Rock-chip is something new, as well Honeywell 75eLON and many others. So good news is that we may see more Windows 10 Mobile running devices from many vendors in 2016.