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Surface Phone yes, but 2016 Lumia flagships with Snapdragon 820 already under testing

surfacephoneconceptWhile we have reported about a certain Surface phone that can come with Surface design genes and an Intel chip, our sources tell us that Microsoft is already testing Lumia prototypes running Snapdragon 820 processor for 2016 Lumia Flagships. So, if you think that Surface Phone will be the only flagship (or rather business flagship) device to come in year 2016 then you may be pleasantly surprised. While many other sites have reported a flagship standing for Surface Phone, our sources have tipped about less focus on specs and more on productivity features like Win32 apps support and enhanced continuum.

At least two Lumia Flagship devices are under testing but don’t expect these coming out before Q3 in 2016. Qualcomm has recently released its Snapdragon 820 processors to manufacturers and Microsoft is one of the vendors keenly evaluating it for its future devices. With Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft introduced liquid cooling to handle processor heat generation. Expect advanced cooling technology on Snapdragon 820 running 2016 Flagships.

Snapdragon 820 will feature custom, 64-bit CPU core, known as Kryo. The chip is manufactured on an advanced 14nm process. The GPU Adreno 530 will be 40 percent faster than the Snapdragon 810’s Adreno 430 GPU.

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  • MegamaN

    If they brought both an Intel and SD 820:
    It will come down to Battery performance, Actual performance, and Cool-to-the touch.
    Whichever is better will have my money, I am more hoping for the SD, though.

    I have a grudge against Intel, but sometimes we have to make exceptions.

  • lrhlpz .

    “our sources have tipped about less focus on specs and more on productivity features like Win32 apps support ”


    Surface Phone with Win32 app support and multi-window is like a dream. if they add usable camera, keyboard cover and pen in that dream, i’m sold.

    More daydreaming. What to expect from these lumia flagships??

    SD 820 (obviously)
    5,2-5,5 AMOLED “edge” screen (leaked glass)
    Enhanced Glance
    4gb RAM (if needed multi-window)
    32GB 64GB ROM
    20mp Pureview RGB Flash cam (same as 950XL)
    More manual control for video recording and better panorama.
    8mp Flash
    Iris scanner
    Fast Wireless Charging
    Usable fingerprint sensor

    and Please let there be successor for 1020 with cracy cam.

    • mcyangsta

      Surface phone can’t run Win32 apps unmodified. Those Win32 apps would have to be converted to UW apps via Centennial bridge to support Continuum. Surface phone will be a business phone with mid-range features and price. It is not a phone for enthusiasts.

      SD820 phones would support 4K video recording at 60 fps. Hopefully the Continuum Dock 2 can support 4K scaling. I can live with the rest of L950/XL specs.

  • CyberAngel

    I’m glad that MS waited and (claim: Apple) invented the heat pipe system for the HOT SD 810.
    We’ll see from the synthetic benchmarks where the breaking point will be.
    The SD 820 should not need it.
    AND….there is no “Surface Phone”

  • bennyj

    This has been what we were waiting for for years!!!! Just hope the 820 is still the newest chip by then. MS is at the end of the release cycle unfortunately

    • Kamal

      Qulacomm will come with Snapdragon 830 by end of 2017 :P.

      • MegamaN

        That’s too long.
        I hope it’s lower on the battery, faster, and cooler. (The first two are possible, but the third might be a problem. I don’t want it “liquid-cooled.”)