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Symbian Belle VS Android: A user’s perspective.

Today we are bringing to you a Symbian Belle to Android comparison as commented by one of our reader, Mohit. As this is hands-on experience, so we rate it highly. Mohit has used both Android Gingerbread and Symbian Anna and Belle and feels Anna was better in efficiency and look wise Belle is better than Android. Apps wise also Mohit found it easy to find apps for Symbian than Android. He also rates Nokia maps higher than Google maps for with better  local coverage.

Let us read what more Mohit has to say about Android and Symbian.

Belle is really impressive. I had used both Android 2.3.7 & Symbian Anna & then Belle. Anna was better in efficiency but look was very sad. But, launch of Belle had changed this. Look is better than Android 2.3.7

Regarding Apps, I will say one thing; you don’t have to struggle to find the pirated applications designed for Symbian platform but for Android, it’s a very tough job to locate the not so popular one. Free apps are just like garbage bin & I don’t want to waste money while purchasing real HD games on their stores.

Well, there are 100s of car racing games available on both Nokia store & Android market but none is giving you the best HD games for free. Example includes Asphalt 6, Assasin Creed etc.

It was so simple for me to get the pirated version of these games for my X7 but for my HTC, I am still in search for the pirated one.

Regarding maps, Nokia Maps are somewhat better than Google Maps. Even the useless local grocery shops are mentioned in Nokia Maps but the same is not applicable for Google Maps.


Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long.

He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing.
Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • nice i like

  • murat

    i have three mobile phone iphone4s, galaxy s3 and nokia e7 i experience them and their systems. i think e7 is the nice device it is very user friendly mobile and i love it ! i phone is cold machine for me, galaxy s3 is fine using but very big body and it have very cheap material. i say that ! Symbian is best for me

  • Aziz

    i like nokia belle

  • Symbian what??

    In this site,no wonder, comments are
    “Nokia Rocks”
    Symbian Belle” is the best OS…
    Napag iiwanan na po ang OS na to, yung mga nag try na ng Android pbone pero bumalik ng Nokia, naiintindihan naman, kasi di nila alam gumamit nun, pang text at call lang ang alam…tsk

  • Shreyans

    Nokia Rocks!!!!!

  • From my point of view Symbian Bella is the best

  • youngze

    Nokia has a stronger phone but Nokia should listen to its customer they should make OVI store a great store like Apple store thats all and Nokia OS is the best so Far when ur comparing between 2phone lets say ihave

    Nokia n9 or any Nokia u like to chose vs Samsung GS3

    1-i can get Nokia n9 with half price of Samsung GS3
    N9 (300 – 400$ US dollars ) while Samsung GS3 (740-800$ US dollars)

    2-n9 has large memory just like Samsung GS3 (64 gb)
    lets say what can Samsung phone do and n9 cant do ?

    as a phone user my answer an be

    NOTHING “both can play games ,listen to music ,watch movies ,have cameras ,go on YouTube ,download music or videos + text and Call + video call + chat online + Facebook, Twitter ,Skype And a GPS
    ((but the GPS is not impotent in African country’s + u can get one for car it dosnt cost much 😛 ))

    but Nokia is better why !!
    i can text +listen to music + use internet + play games at the same while while in Samsung i cant do all of this at the same time + i don’t need to carry the charger with me the whole time ,Nokia battery is way better

    let me ask a Samsung user why do u need to play games on ur phone or watch full movies ??

    1- every person 2day has a Computer or a laptop at home
    2-most of the people have ps3 or Xbox at home or maybe Wii
    IF u wanna play games just buy an xbox or ps3 + a Nokia phone = Samsung gs3 phone
    i have a laptop cost me 250$ (3gb ram ,a cor2due processor , 250 hard disk + OS win7 ) while my ps3 slim cost 250$
    + n9 i bough cost me 320$

    they all cost me 820$ + while my mom bought the Samsung Galaxy s3 cost 800$

  • Prasanna Srinivasan

    I love nokia….. nokia ‘s interface and buildquality is awesome and no can compete with nokia… hoping nokia should create a better OS than android….Android SUCKS…….!!!!!!

  • android 2.2 vs symbian 3rd

    i have specified the operating systems coz they are the ones i have laid my hans on.

    i hav used n95 8gb since 2008 till last year when the native flex cable (fibre cable as we call it in kenya ) wore out. finding the original one is a headache since i have never seen a nokia shop around. enway, i thought that symbian had been burried by android since adverts were flooded with android. i purchased one (ideos ) and thats when i knew i had broken the beat to my heart.

    –the nokia maps on the old phone are clear that i can locate my moms’ mini-supermarket.
    –on the google maps i can only see the road that passes there.

    — battery savers on symbian realy work (you can note the differences in consumption)
    — on android, my friends they drain the battery(you can note it) plus there are hard to find

    –the antivirus on symbian increases the speed of the device (netquin antivirus)
    — on android. lets say let the virus attack (the touchscreen turns to hitscreen) slooow with the same antivirus

    — another thing that the ‘new’ android cant smell on nokia is what i love most: personalisation. symbian themes are crazyfun if you have a good source (like ‘
    –on android my friends you should be ready never to change a thing apart from the wallpapers.

    — a symbian device can handle multi-tasks(let say minimize the browser,receave a text and reply while listening to mp3)
    — try that on android 2.2 and you will know that you dont own a smartphone.


  • I like symbian too. symbian is the best. I just bought Asha 302 . it is so cool . fast and great. The look is so good

  • juwelrana

    i m using nokia 700 #symbianbelleFp1….symbian is a perfect os..i see android and trying my best to pull down their set on the floor…how ugly program and perfomance… If u see Qt app like cutebox u fall in love on it.symbian just needs app & game support.

  • juwelrana

    i am using nokia 700 #symbianbelleFp1….symbian is a perfect os..i see android and trying my best to pull down their set on the floor…how ugly program and perfomance… If u see Qt app like cutebox u fall in love on it.symbian just needs app & game support.

  • symb go

    ahehehe i think marketing strategy of android is a virus a harmful virus, phone thats heated up heated the earth. Android you think is good for you now but it doesnt look good for our future.
    I see that nokia cant afford to lose against (i dont know how many brands: samsung, sony , etc.) even my local phone =>myphone<= is android. Nokia is stronger than lots of brands of android.. Get all your androidbrands against 1nokia.
    AHehehe only Nokia cares my hand,who cares yours?

    yan lng muna…
    Tsaka na aq ulit magreply dito nbubwisit aq s mga taong tanga!!!

  • android

    smbiyan is bad eww android is good os ever and nokia is dead

  • Vineesh Cutting

    I am a symbian user since year 2005. My first mobile was nokia 3310 (hard packed like brick), then i bought Nokia N72, then switched to N95, then Nokia X6, n

    finally using Nokia E7 wid Symbian Belle.. I used to hate samsung for bada coz it doesnt contain much apps, n due to third party softwares i could used my

    mobile like a jet 😀

    But time has changed, since android came into market wid every day improvemnet.

    I never had a android phone but bought my brother a one i.e Samsung Galaxy Ace at around Rs 14,000 INR. Finally i played my hands on it and found many

    differences n trust me i am nokia lover coz of its beautiful n fabulous phone desings but when it comes to OS i say if Symbian is 19 then Android is 20..

    Differences i found are :

    1) Symbian Belle max supported Resolution is 360×640 whether its X6 or E7.
    Android supports max resolution of 800×1280.

    2) Flashing ROM with Custom Firmwares for nokia is much unsafe coz if error occur the mobile bricks.
    Android installs Custom Firmwares from its memory card to its ROM without any PC and if anything goes wrong, roll back can be made easily n hence only

    5% chance of bricking.

    3) Default applications cannot be removed from phone though 3rd party softwares can be used but default one remains in mobile eating some of phone’s RAM.
    Android OS has the permission to remove any default application and install any other application n make it default according to user demand.

    4) Graphic rendering is much more faster in Android than in Symbian n Android is pretty smooth with high graphic in Samsung Ace, Xperia X8, Dell XCD 135

    while i found my nokia E7 little lagging.

    5) Symbian hangs a lot under hard conditions but Android remains better compared to Symbian.

    6) Since Symbian is not open source, hacking is done to install every 3rd party softwares otherwise u vl get certificate error while android is open source

    so no such hacking is required for software installation.

    Reasons how Android came into existence and stood shoulder to shoulder to Symbian:

    1) Android is only 4 years old in age, means google got all ingredients from Symbian and made a new dish called Android with all negative points removed

    which are found in Symbian.

    2) Android user interface is copied from iOS of Apple n for that Apple also registered case against Android but after the death of Mr. Steve Jobbs no results

    were found in favour of Apple.

    3) Android is designed for touch screens phones but this touch screen technology was already designed by Nokia (ex Nokia 5800) and Apple (ex iphone 3G)

    means Android learns everything from Symbian and iOS.

    4) Android considered to be better performer because it got 600MHz, 800MHz and 1Ghz processors to run on from the beginning while Symbian previous versions

    were running on 200Mhz and 400Mhz processors. Means if u run Symbian on 1GHz processor then u vl get almost same working speed as in android.

    5) Android market contains lots of apps that are already present in iTunes store of Apple and Nokia Store, which means iOS and Symbian’s apps are picked up

    and re-written for Android i.e. no creation just moldings.

    Reasons why i prefer Nokia(Symbian) over Android:

    1) Stable Classic User Interface very easy to use.

    2) A non technical person can operate mobile completely with default apps of Symbian without falling into complexity.

    3) Symbian Belle offers a smooth sexy customizable interface with attractive widgets i just love that.

    4) Android is cheap coz even a beggar wid Rs 2,000 mobile has android with same set of apps which u have in your Rs 30,000 mobile phones.

    5) Symbian Belle can also be customized and tweaked to give it a user defined taste. I myself added Drop-down Top Bar like in Android and Customized Boot

    Screen, etc.

    6) Symbian performs a better CPU n RAM Management than Android that why Symbian was given 200 to 600Mhz CPU to run upon in the starting days when Android was

    not copulated 😀

    7) When it comes to design i bet u wont get a classic super carbonated body design in Samsung or HTC or Xperia. The only mobile that looks fantastic in hand

    is NOKIA if u dnt believe me then see models like Nika N8, E7, X6, LUMIA 800. While all Samsung Android phones looks alike same example Galaxy Note, S2, S3,

    ACE, only the screen soze changes, the layout n buttons style all are same n boring and are copied from iphone.

    Important Note: People says Symbian cannot be updated from s60v3 to s60v5, well thats the stupid thing i have ever heard because s60v3 is the variant

    designed for non touch screen phones with a very small resolution of 208X176 and s60v5 is completely different from its previous variant as it was designed

    for touch screens with resolution of 360×640 with completey different input methods and file system management and with better customization and
    its acted as a base for google to design their new baby called Android. Android can update from 1.4 to 2.0.3 yeah thats true because both variants are

    designed for touch screen phones only with same inputs methods n same File Management System. But one great advantage in Android is that it can roll back to

    its previous version of OS with almost 5% chance of bricking, but u can never roll back Symbian to its previous versions, ur nokia will surely brick. For

    nokia roll back can only be made in Service Center of Nokia with special connectors attachments and softwares called Phoenix. Phoenix has partneship with

    Nokia for Service Support.

    Must Know: Android releases its updates in a Universal form as a software bundle irrespective of the hardware i.e. its releases Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo

    (frozen yogurt), Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean, now if ur hardware is capable then it vl install updates from old to latest one.

    My question is how vl u get ICS on costly devices like Samsung Tab of Rs 30,000 coz i have it but Android says Tab vl not get ICS. Now at this stage my money

    is all wasted cause i cannot get official OS of Android anymore coz i have only 1Ghz processor n 512 Ram, hahaha even the computer of that configuration gets

    Xp updates till today, now i need to but again a hardware of 1.4Ghz with DUal Core and 1GB RAM.

    Now what happens in Nokia Symbian is,they have made different categories like RM-180, RM-559 under which different hardwares come. ex RM-180 includes

    200Mhz Cpu low level RAM, 208×176 resolution etc while RM-559 includes 450Mhz Cpu, 128MB RAM, 320×640 resolution, and now updates are released with respect

    to harware catogery, means RM-180 vl get its updates for non touch technology from time to time and RM-559 vl get it updates for touch screen phones from

    time to time making sure that respective hardware gets its resources utilized to maximum. Nokia provides a special support updates for low, medium and high

    level harwares while Android specially concentrate on upgrades not updates n that requires high level harwares to play their latest versions of OS ex Jelly

    vl be soon released for Samsung S3 i.e Jelly Bean requires hardware of Rs 38,000 to run. That is a upgrade not update.

    Choice is yours. Good Luck Friends.

  • Abhishek

    Nokia is the best company and symbian is the best os. I used both android and symbian but symbian is more affortable and friendly with the user it can run almost 6 apps in one time with internet connection that android can’t…

  • Seth

    The problem is, Nokia make some great phones ( and some UGLY ones), but they dont listen to their customers.
    The CEO should be hung, drawn and quartered for his idiot mistakes.

    I’m reluctant to give up my E72. In fact, I’m tempted to put another one into storage for the future when my current one finally breaks.

    I dont care about touchscreens and I pity all my sheepish friends that have to carry a charger with them for their power-hungry monsters!

    Symbian has been around for over 10 years and is still the best smarphone OS.
    Nokia should be offering a couple of new phones (a big touchscreen model and an updated ‘E72’ BB-killer, since that market will no doubt be open soon) with option of Windoze or a new version of Symbian/Meego or Android.

    Let the customer decide!

    There are so many rubbish apps out at the moment, it’s staggering. Who needs a gmail app when you can go to Who needs a twitter app when a browser works just fine?

    There are tons of Symbian apps. I remember there were very many, even back in 2002, with my first Symbian phone.

    Even though tempted, I’m not even sure I want to buy an android tablet, given the dependancy on hardware for updates. I seems to make hardware redundant so quickly.

    It seems the best combination of OS and hardware will never be found, which seems to enable the handset makers to keep pedalling almost-right, frustrating, constantly and instantly redundant crap phones.
    Somebody needs to get it right!

  • Cil

    Nokia’s phones with WP are nothing but crap! That simple. I own a Nokia 5800. It is a beautiful phone even for today’s iphone alike standards. It is a fantastic phone. Actually, it is a shame that my four years Nokia is a lot more modern then the Lumia’s or Asha’s, at least in what counts to me. You can share your file through BT. There is a file manager. I can save phone memory by using the slot card (or increase the phone small memory). I can save all of a certain contact information (mobile phone, home phone, work phone, e-mail, etc) under one name instead of separated. I’d rather buy anything based in 808 Pureview and its “dying” OS than WP. By the way… has someone reported a blue screen of death already?

  • symfan

    what a stupid ppl that they are fooling their self by using and defending of android shit, i recently exchanged my beautiful nokia 603 with xperia neo v. and i was very regreted that millions of ppl using this dangerous and power hungry os,when i started using android in xperia which had 512 mb ram and 1ghz processor , this shit os couldnt even manage to run two apps at same time, whenever i wanted to switch between apps ,other apps automatically closed and all of my progress was lost ,and battery dnt ever think about it , within an hour battery was empty, and phone was heated that i couldnt hold it in my hands,ppl that are talking about apps , most of android apps are malware, adwares or spywares, so finally i again exchanged this shit android phone whith a lovely nokia 701 which can run 50 apps Simultaneously, i will never get an android device again.

  • gago

    mga gago kayo, walang tatalo sa symbian, mga pukeng ina kayo.. Ito itlog ko salsalin nyo. Uu maganda ang android.. Pro da best ang symbian. Cnung may sabi na mawawala na ang symbian ? Mga puta kayo.. Tingnan natin sa bagong update ng symbian os, wawasakin nya ang mga putang inang android nyu.. Mga ulol.. Pakyu kayo.

  • palash_malda

    Symbian was sure the best mobile os out there in terms of resource management and battery life. but it was developed by nokia only. Recently Android got some magnificent update and better market as it developed and adopted by all mobile companies except nokia. And finally all hopes are lost when nokia offcially declared it as dead os and move towards wp. This is the truth, a beautiful os lost the battle and will die very soon.

  • Manish

    Hey Guys, I am no expert of Mobiles and operating systems or their history. I think it is better to judge a mobile from its core usability i.e. communication..For playing games or other applications please switch on to other devices…Nokia is the best energy efficient hardware cas well as software, and it has a very long life.

  • sid

    hey mohit can u pls tell me where to get trusted pirated games.
    And there is also a draw back in nokia maps that it does not cover every country like pakistan and i am really pissed off on this

  • Saumya

    The thing is Nokia failed to market its products as ‘latest’ and exciting. People just want to go for the latest. A company has to keep potential customers feeling that their products are latest. For a common person, Symbian could do everything she needs to do for which she feels Android may be more capable. This wrong presumption is because of Nokia’s lack of marketing and the hugely successful marketing by Google.

    All my friends who bought Androids, use it for phone, sms, contacts, email, social media, and once in a while some apps. All of which, myNokia E71 could do 5 years back.

    • utpal

      i guess you got the point correct. I m using both a nokia and an android device, but when it comes to phone its has to be nokia. It has excellent hardware and ease of use is fantastic. Android ui is very good but at times it is a very confusing platform. It has lots of problem with hardware configuration. If ram is poor, android is useless. Yes apps wise android is rich but do i use so many in 3 or 3.5 inch screen!!

    • saran

      Then why did you go for E71? even a cheap chinese phone or a 2000 rupees nokia can do all these stuffs..but the quality does matters..I have Nokia E72 and Galaxy s2..i love the E72 even after 2 years and still belive its one of the best hardware made by any mobile manufacturer .but when it comes to entertainment and fun, things become different ,for that there is a lot of options in android and SGS2 , where symbian and nokias are far behind….you will never get bored with it..thats from my personal experience.. you may do the same things 5 years back but now with more speed ,eaze,clarity and fun,that worth it.

  • @rocker,you are talking about playing big memory games in u know that to play such big games u need high end android mobile?..such a high end mobile cost u more than a motor bike does..then what do u want?? To pay for a motor bike or to pay same amount for a android mobile????remember,all people are not rich

  • @rocker ,you should know that to upgrade to a newer android os,it requires more powerfull hardware..we cant upgrade 1.6 donut to 2.1 eclairs without better hardware.

  • I want to tell only one thing..perhaps android has more apps,widgets and better UI than sybian os..but when we consider the facts-battery life,speed,simplicity,build quality,reliability,network strengh,internet speed,hardware..i found symbian and also nokia is superior than android..i cant rely on android..if we buy a mid range nokia mobile(10k-15k),we can get amoled screen,hd video playback,hd video recording etc..but when want these features in android mobiles then we have to go above 20 last i want 2 say..the ocean of apps,better ui attracts me..but i cant rely on it.symbian is more power and xperienced performer.i love my nokia 603 for better bttry lyf,stunning video play back,good battery lyf..though it has not much apps like android..but the apps it already had are sufficient.thank you everybody

  • I want to tell only one thing..perhaps android has more apps,widgets and better UI than sybian os..but when we consider the facts-battery life,speed,simplicity,build quality,reliability,network strengh,internet speed,hardware..i found symbian and also nokia is superior than android..i cant rely on android..if we buy a mid range nokia mobile(10k-15k),we can get amoled screen,hd video playback,hd video recording etc..but when want these features in android mobiles then we have to go above 20 last i want 2 say..the ocean of apps,better ui attracts me..but i cant rely on it.symbian is more power and xperienced performer.i love my nokia 603 for better bttry lyf,stunning video play back,good battery lyf..though it has not much apps like android..but the apps it already had are sufficient.thank you

  • Rahul

    well said,I agree..

  • Azhar

    Nokia is real mastar of mobile phone.butt price is so much.

  • hey guys…..!many said that android has better RAM,better APPS,better graphics,&…… on
    what about battery charge…………………………?if u use just some features in android,the batteries dies in just 3 hours………..but wat in symbian…?what ever u use………the battery stands atleast 2 days……………so which one is better?…………..a great phone without charge or a smart phone with great charge?

  • druk

    cmon kids…stop fighting both OS are good but though I’m a Nokia fan but we can’t neglect the fact that Android has an edge over Symbian.

    Symbian is good at efficient utilisation of resources (CPU/RAM), it can do serious games at half the resources of Android counterpart, clean app store (OVI Store) unlike Google Play which is very obscure to use and isn’t monitored for quality of apps (As in case of Apple and also Nokia)

    Main advantage of Android is Large no. of apps, Better UI (atleast better than Blackberry OS and Symbian if not WP 7.5 and iOS)well defined update cycle (something which nokia has also started practising lately).

  • so if you got an symbian phone suppose an. s60v3 and now you want an s60v5 then all you can do is trash your old phone and buy a new s60v5 by spending cash
    but if you have an android phone with suppose an 1.6 android version running and you want to upgrade to 2.1 android version then all you have to do is do a software upgrade through your phone or by using a computer and as soon as the upgrade is finished you have your 1.6 replaced by 2.1 giving you new added features and some new user interface, no need of wasting your money on buying new cell phones

    • Symbian phones got PR1.2, Anna, Belle and now Carla. And in the same period Android device hardly get one update.That too is usually lighter version of new Android software. 3:1. wot say.

  • AND games for android see it yourself in google play store. I am Saying THE quantity, The Quality & The GRAPHICS of THE GAMES. Recently lanched modern cambat 3 : Fallen Nation, has a size of 1.4 GB. Symbian Cannot Even Think of running such big games.

    • Android devices have big RAMs. 500MB to1 GB RAM usually, but Android is so massive and RAM management is so poor with Android OS that out of 500 MB only 80-90 MB is usable. Compare that to N8 running Belle. Even after mail,social,weather,location widgets open in background you have nearly 100 MB fre out of 250 MB.So don’t even compare Symbian to Android on RAM management.


    • Symbian still has the largest number of users. So it must be the best OS right,if your logic has to be accepted.

      • Sam

        Ahahaha.. Mr.mishra. I see your fighting your life off to save nokia and its Belle. See, I was a Nokia fan before but nokia did not live upto its expectations. It has not made most of its pinnacle position that it achieved in yester years. Elop, the CEO of Nokia has himself trashed off belle and has pushed the company towards windows smartphones. Now the vice president (now ex ) of nokia was against this move. This shows the state of affairs in a company that is fighting to live in the present smartphone age. Lets hope this Dinosaur doesn’t go extinct and maybe windows is the right way to go. And to your comment of symbian having the largest number of users..might be..remember nokia had upto 48% market share before the iphones and androids started trickling into the scene! So it will take some time for the number of users to reduce slowly, as more and more users switch to smarter os’ .The new lumia lineup look promising not to mention the ‘sexy’ tag lumia 900 carries. But till then iOS and especially google’s android lead the way.

        BTW I hate iPhone. Sorry 😀

        • I can’t save Belle or Nokia or even my fav N8 from being extinct at some point in time.But till then let me just speak what I feel and experience out of what i see 🙂

  • Junaid

    What u r telling….
    Symbian is going to die,then how symbian is good.saying blunders
    android 4.0.3 is better than symbian
    You are stupid nokia users
    i support nokia in only one future,ie,Map

    • utpal

      i use both nokia and android phone, but i dont think i m stupid. I still love to use my nokia. Is so easy and perfect mobile device. My android runs on ICS platform, but need to be charged every 12 hrs. Is horrible as a phone device. I think android is better as a tablet device with a larger screen. Windows 7.5 in nokia is a good choice. It is best of symbian and android design.

  • Akshit

    Symbian Belle UI Is great And Android UI Sucks……

    • louis

      I don’t think u even know the meaning of UI.
      If u had known u would not say that symbian has better UI than Android.
      Android is the market leader mainly coz of it UI.

  • Louis

    yes that is why nokia is changing from symbian to windows
    symbian just do not support smart phone requirement.

  • shaker

    andoied is best cheapest .but nokia waste if i want to use smart from nokia i will put around 14000 but ican use 7000rupes best androied phone more then nokia features.

    • karan

      in 7k u wil get samsumg galaxy y, samsung has launched cheap android phones but it is of no use, it has android only for saying.
      You can get the belle in 9k nokia 500 or nokia 603 it is a full fleshed symbian phone comparable with nokia 701 only lacks flash. Dnt talk cheap android phone , cheap android phone is too cheap. The fact is that if you want gud android phone then you have to pay around 25k but in nokia if you want then you have to pay only 12k. Nokia doesnt discriminate its phone for apps all the apps is working in all belle devices, but samsung does the same, many of apps is not working on cheap android phones, which are working on galaxy s2, cheap android is only for showpiece, keep it with yourself. Nokia 701 sucks all android phones which comes under the range of 17k.

  • SO whats The concensus hehe, without biasness which is difficult to ask for. I think its what suits you. And these days everyone is copy-pasting. Who made the first touch screen phone ever??? does it mean every smartphone manufacturer is cpoy pasting from the first developer. And we are yet to see the restuls of lawsuits bw apple and goole

    • @arshadhasan, Copying is fine unless you don’t do it slavishly 🙂 (as Apple blamed Samsung did).Now worse is using copied device and OS and coming back to troll and abuse the one which was original. It is good thing to give suggestion but in case one comes to learn the truth, must accpet humbly. wot say 🙂

  • Prasad

    Symbian is the all time legendary hero. And there’s no alternative for it in all aspects.


    Look guys i am using Symbian from the beginning it has been released from symbian60v3 to symbian60v5(5800xm).then symbian^3 to symbian anna(c6-01).and recently belle(701).so there are lots many nokia device i used.and now i am using Android GB.and i amvery much pleased with has some styles,gorgeous graphics and better UI than Symbian.and recently belle is doing the xerox of android,like notification bar,more home screen,even the menu icon from android.the copy-paste functionality.the widgets also.
    And the guys who says that there is no pirate version of HD games for android,i must say he does not know how to use Google to search them.i have downloaded more than 10 HD games for GB.and that Asphalt 6 is still paid games in ovi store like as in play store of android.
    the ovi stores is really can’t even find a phone configuration tool without Android there was many and free of cost.
    yes android needs more CPU and GPU for giving the best graphics and performances in device,but in term of graphics and performances Symbian is the last on the list.Have you guys look in the latest demo ice cream sandwich of android????even belle fp1 is not the comparable with.


    • Android is copy of Maemo if your theory of copying has to be believed. Maemo was Nokia’s OS for you info.The notification bar, homescreen, menu icon and copy-paste functionality was available on Nokia devcies even before Android was born. In fact not only Android but ios also has copied many things from Nokia and Symbian.
      Now talking about Android 4 or ICS, let me tell what google has copied from Symbian to ICS. Folders are one of the burning example. Symbian had it from start. ICS copied it and now brainwashed Androis users are made to believe that Symbian copies from Android. OMG 🙂

    • josh

      you mean meego/maemo, it is constrated from maemo/meego mate….
      Not android maemo had the pull down bar long before android came on the scean

    • do you know why u cant a tool app on ovi? lemmi tell u nokia does no manufacture android stuff. doesn’t that GB of yours have an official website?? 🙁 ha!

  • nokia still good

    ppl think of symbian like orthodox ppl. They think of symbian as old s60v1v2 device or a fail n97. Nokia 701(maybe best symbian phone atm) cost half the price of best android phone and 1/3 of iphone. I think thats something no one mentions while comparing oses.
    Cheaper android phones are very much slower and have poor app support. Symbian phones with single cores perform better than dual cores.

    Cons for symbian
    ppl think it sucks and so its less supported by companies like gameloft and private developers
    Looking at hardware shows that symbian is baby and this make ppl change to
    droids with dual cores and gbs of ram. If you play games on all oses, you will find which os have how much power.

    Ios is most stable followed by symbian.

    Not used win phones, mameo mango and pre plams. So dont know about them

    • Very correct analysis,i say.But lately I have seen some encouraging signs for Symbian with Belle getting good reviews and 808 pureview coming up with Belle FP1. So hope for the best.

  • Alok

    Symbian is much better than any other os.It is better in performance, battery life, applications, games etc.I think those who are criticising symbian are only stupids and may not used symbian in there life.

    • That’s the whole point. I just feel bad when someone without any clue about Symbian Belle tries to undermine it.