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Simply amazing to see #Lumia520 as no.1 top selling smartphone (phone) in two biggest smartphone markets.

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This is simply awesome to have a look at Amazon US, China and retailer HSN sales charts nowadays. You will consistently find Lumia 520/521 ruling the charts as the no.1 top-selling phone / smartphone at these retailers. We know these retailers deal in big volumes, so it is indicative of great demand for this phone in world’s two biggest smartphone markets.


Have a look at the HSN’s sales chart, where it is the top seller phone (not only smartphone). This is huge considering we have seen it hovering around that mark for so long now.

HSN link Untitled1At Amazon China, it is the third top-selling phone and no. 1 top selling smartphone and this is again huge considering this is the overall top seller list we are talking about.

Amazon ChinaUntitled2On Amazon US, it is again nothing sort of amazing to see Lumia 521 and Lumia 520 at no. 1 and no. 2 positions in no-contract smartphones best seller list. The No-contract smartphones usually rank much higher than on-contract phones in sales ranking at Amazon. So, this again means good volume.

Amazon US

It seems, Lumia 520 may have brought Nokia back in-game big time in two biggest smartphone markets.

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  • Geeks

    I hope Nokia reads this post because they’re still not taking full advantage of what the US market offers at the low end. If they had Lumia 522 on Verizon, the top 3 best sellers on Amazon US would be Lumias. As you see now, 520 is on ATT, 521 is on T-Mobile & MetroPC and the 3rd ranking phone is a DROID on Verizon. Why should Nokia give that Droid a chance to occupy the 3rd place?????

    Worse of all, all remaining crappy droids at the bottom of the list are for SPRINT MVNOs and there are MANY of them. If Nokia doesn’t tackle these MVNOs I don’t see why they should complain about low volume in the US (may be they don’t!!).

    Let me be clear, specs whise these droids are craps. Features wise, they are craps. Security wise they are craps. Americans deserve better low end smartphones than that and the Lumias just have to be released where people need them. How is that difficult for Nokia?

    • sri_tech

      Yes. They need to bring 520 to Verizon, Sprint, also prepaid carriers like US celluar, cricket, virgin etc..
      Also, 625 to all these carriers as unlocked phone, LTE variant which 520 does not have.

      I think the reason why Nokia did not do that is because carriers are not interested. Relationships with carriers is very important. Situation is improving though. Earlier only ATT supported Lumia’s. Later Verizon and T-mobile joined. Sprint is still stubborn.

      Success of 520/521 is very important for Nokia/WP in USA. It will push ATT & T-mobile to offer more Lumia’s in future. It will also make others like Verizon, Sprint to release these phones. Because once they are popular they cant ignore them.

  • sri_tech

    I think the reason for Lumia 520 doing well is Nokia reduced the price by large amount. They launched it at 1299 yuans. There are so many android phones from Chinese companies which does have better specs at that price.
    Now the price is reduced to 749 yuan which is helping the sales of the device a lot.

    This is in contrast to India pricing. They launched the 520 at a fantastic price of Rs 10.5K and that helped a lot in making the device one of the best selling devices. In fact they did not reduce the price even after 4 months which is rare for any smartphone these days. Only some retailers offering discounts because of the competition between them.

    China launch price was Rs 2.5K more than India’s launch price for Lumia 520. Now the price in China for the phone is Rs 2K less than price in India. That is the advantage of getting the launch price right.

    In USA, 521/520 duo are doing really well from the beginning. Positive press also helped these devices a lot.

    I hope success of this device push AT&T and T-mobile to offer more devices from Nokia in future. 625 will be another good choice for prepaid markets. 625 having LTE and big screen are good selling points for the phone.