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This is simply awesome to have a look at Amazon US, China and retailer HSN sales charts nowadays. You will consistently find Lumia 520/521 ruling the charts as the no.1 top-selling phone / smartphone at these retailers. We know these retailers deal in big volumes, so it is indicative of great demand for this phone in world’s two biggest smartphone markets.


Have a look at the HSN’s sales chart, where it is the top seller phone (not only smartphone). This is huge considering we have seen it hovering around that mark for so long now.

HSN link Untitled1At Amazon China, it is the third top-selling phone and no. 1 top selling smartphone and this is again huge considering this is the overall top seller list we are talking about.

Amazon ChinaUntitled2On Amazon US, it is again nothing sort of amazing to see Lumia 521 and Lumia 520 at no. 1 and no. 2 positions in no-contract smartphones best seller list. The No-contract smartphones usually rank much higher than on-contract phones in sales ranking at Amazon. So, this again means good volume.

Amazon US

It seems, Lumia 520 may have brought Nokia back in-game big time in two biggest smartphone markets.

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