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Lumia 920 is really enjoying its best sales run on major retailer TMall in China. As can be seen in the above screenshot last we checked, it was overall ranked 5th on the sales chart behind the cheap feature phones including Nokia 1050. Great thing is that it is giving good fight to all new release in smartphones like SGS 4 and in fact selling more than them. Actually we have never seen Lumia 920 reaching to such high sales ranks at TMall before, and we are talking about the overall list here.

The reason behind this extra strong performance may be recent price cuts in wake of Lumia 925’s arrival. May be the comparison between Lumia 925 and Lumia 920 have prompted buyers to opt for Lumia 920 which has 32 GB memory and inbuilt wireless charging and is now available at great price.

It is also great to see Lumia 720 following Lumia 920 as the second Lumia on sales chart. Seems buyers are more interested in mid to high-end Lumia in China.

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