Nokia vs GoogleThe title mayn’t sound outrageous to those, who have used both Google and HERE Maps and have ever tried to report or add a place on their smartphones. We have shared our in-depth comparison of Google and HERE Maps on Android and HERE emerged winner with flying colors, when it comes to UI, offline capability, navigation quality etc.

But, when it comes to reporting a wrongly marked place or missing road on the map, or even when trying to add a new place, it is not at all possible to do so on “HERE Maps”, using a smartphone. On the other hand Google provides option of reporting a mapping issue or adding a missing place directly from your smartphone, unlike HERE, which asks you to go to HERE website to add places.

Google Maps screenshot on the left shows, how you can add a place from your smartphone and the second screenshot tells you the HERE story. The expectation that smartphone users will go to HERE website to report a place looks bit misplaced. So, while HERE has dedicated team to take care of regular update of Maps data, the contribution that growing HERE smartphone users community can make, largely remains untapped, with current “report a place” option. If enabled, smartphone users can help immensely in enriching the Maps data, especially in the regions where HERE Maps data still needs improvement.

We have already reached to HERE team with our feedback and hope they bring better “reporting” features to all HERE apps soon.