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Facebook to introduce Map view in ‘Nearby Frineds’

Maps on Facebook is nothing new and has been there for quite some time now. Whether it is for taking a glimpse of your check-ins or your friends', Facebook got you covered. The social...

Google to bring restaurant wait time to Google search and Maps

Google is very keen on making its products and services more accessible and helpful in the real world. In the same direction, the company is making another effort. The latest effort is all about making...

Google Play Music & Maps for Android get updated

Time for some new updates!!! Google Play Music and Maps - Navigation & Transit (Beta) have received a new update for Android Devices. The latest update version of Google Play Music is  v7.9.4921-1.R. The latest updates are...

Whatsapp Beta, Outlook Mail & Maps for Windows 10 get updated (Fast Ring)

Time for some new updates!!!!! Outlook Mail & Calender, Whatsapp beta & Windows Maps have received new updates for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile devices. The latest update version for Whatsapp Beta  is 2.16.302.0,...

Windows 10 Outlook Mail, Camera, Maps UWP apps get updated (Fast Ring)

Time for some new updates!!!! Outlook Mail & Calender, Windows maps &  Windows Camera have received new updates for Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile devices. The latest update version for Windows Camera is 2016.1101.21.0, for Outlook...

Windows 10 Mobile Maps update brings the “Collections” Feature(Full Changelog)

Update: Full changelog is available now Collections features was one of the most liked features of HERE Maps. While HERE pulled its app from Windows 10 store, the feature didn't make its way to Windows...

Windows 10 Maps UWP app receives an update

Windows 10 universal Maps app has also snagged a minor update in the store. The update takes the app version to 5.1603.1301.0. There is no changlog available and it is difficult to tell what has...

Windows 10 Maps app major update for Slow & Fast Rings available now

Maps app has received a new update for Windows 10 Insiders slow & fast rings. The new version is 5.1603.980.0. The latest update is major one which brings many new features such as New...

New Windows 10 Mobile official videos feature Continuum, Movies & TV, Maps & Edge

Microsoft has made Windows 10 Mobile get started page live and there are many videos posted that take you through various Windows 10 Mobile features. Check the videos below that take you on a...

Windows 10 Mobile Maps update allows to save Car location. Two sets of changelogs.

Native Windows 10 Mobile Maps app has received a new update that takes the version of the app to 4.1510.2941.0. One changes is quite noticeable and when you go to favorites you see options...

OneDrive, Maps & Wallet updated on Windows 10 Mobile

After Windows 10 Mobile Office Apps, three more apps have seen updates. OneDrive, Wallet and Windows Maps have been updated. Maps have seen version bump to 4.1509.50911.0 and has some UI changes to show...

Windows 10 Mobile Camera & Maps apps updated to new versions

Two Windows 10 Mobile native apps Camera and Maps have just seen updates. Both the apps don't seem to have any visible changes in terms of UI and new features on comparing to the...

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