Here Maps iOSThe Nokia-Microsoft deal has been closed and Nokia D&S division changes name to Microsoft Mobile. Nokia retains HERE Maps as one of the three remaining strong businesses. Good news is that now there is no compulsion on Nokia to keep HERE suite of mapping apps exclusive for Windows Phone.

So, can we expect a fully-featured native HERE apps suite for other two major platforms? It is pretty logical and makes increasingly more and more sense now. In fact, it seemed very surprising to me why Nokia didn’t release a fully-featured mapping apps suite for at least iOS even during its pre-deal days. Microsoft could have served as a shining example of services strategy, as they usually release all their important services apps for iOS and Android before Windows Phone.

Anyways, one argument can be that Nokia always used HERE to support its device (main) business, but if we take advantage of hindsight, that precisely may be the reason of HERE trailing behind Google in both usage and mind-share. It has been ruling the automotive world for last so many years on the strength of its mapping quality and coverage, but when it comes to smartphones, it has hardly done justice to its capability.

Nokia’s not-so-gladly-received HERE web-app for iOS was obviously not even close to what they could have been provided to the iOS users and it met its fate. What happens now?

We got one tip from one of our trusted tipsters that HERE apps suite with matching capabilities to Windows Phone apps suite is indeed coming for both iOS and Android platforms. It will be really great for Nokia, if this tip comes true. I will be really happy if Nokia at least brings a native iOS HERE apps suite. Nokia has sometime back released HERE mobile SDK (for business) for iOS & Android, so hopefully that was the first step.