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Lumia WP8 range has been doing well in EU especially in EU5 countries with continuously growing market share in most of the big markets. Recent introduction of Lumia 520 and Lumia 925 has also added to product appeal of the whole range to customers in UK. In our latest report we try to asses the demand of Lumia devices across three major retailers in UK. Untitled At major retailer Amazon, Lumia 520 is currently the 3rd best seller device trailing behind recently launched SGS4.

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Lumia 925, which is available at a really good price of £468.00 at Clove is the 2nd best-selling phone at the retailer, which is really impressive.

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 At Tesco, UK which is one of the biggest retailers in UK with massive phone sales, Lumia 820 is the best seller on-contract device. Even the top-selling Sim-Free device at Tesco is Lumia 800.

Tesco link

Keep, in mind this report is based on online sales performance, but in most cases online popularity of a device confirms its good store traction as well.

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