VR-1No, it is not professional camera or imaging tech alone that we will see being introduced on July 28 during Nokia’s event. If a tip from one of our trusted sources has to be believed we will see unveil of “Virtual Reality” device that Nokia has been working on and we have exclusively reported about it in past. That’s why we had included VR devices as one of the probable announcements while reporting about the July 28 event. If the tip has to be believed, Nokia may also announce companion VR apps on iOS, Android and Windows.

More info about the Nokia Virtual Reality device project,

The VR project is product of “Presence Capture program” in Nokia Technologies. Nokia has been working on developing 3D video and audio solutions to transmit 3D presence in Virtual Reality. The device will be based on Nokia’s homegrown Linux-Based cloud OS and will employ cross-platform app development platform Qt for companion applications on iOS, Android and Windows. Yes VR apps based on Qt. Nokia is back to roots.

We have earlier posted about many Nokia patents related to wearable glass and eye movement based interactions. A job posting had already revealed that Nokia was indeed working on a cloud-powered OS based on Linux.