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New official video demos Nokia innovations in health, VR & phones

Nokia has really made its presence felt at MWC 2017 yesterday. Digital Health and Nokia Phones related announcements were very warmly welcomed by millions of fans, who have been rooting for Nokia all along. Good thing was Nokia CEO's presence during the event that speaks volumes about how serious Nokia

Nokia pursuing Wearables, Drones, Automated driving, VR, IOT & 5G. Reveals a new info-graphic.

Yesterday Nokia celebrated its first combined operations with Alcatel-Lucent, that marks creation of a new Nokia, that is undoubtedly the leader in Networks business with EUR 24.7 Billion in net sales. Nokia also shared a cool new infographic highlighting its future focus areas. The infographic confirms some of the focus

Lumia 950 seen with VR Gear in a new official video

Microsoft has posted a new video on its Windows YouTube channel. The video is about Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic co-operation to develop some sort of "Virtual Reality" experience combining Windows 10 devices including Lumia 950 and a VR Gear and a Windows 10 universal app called "‘Ida’. Virgin Atlantic will use this