Yesterday Nokia celebrated its first combined operations with Alcatel-Lucent, that marks creation of a new Nokia, that is undoubtedly the leader in Networks business with EUR 24.7 Billion in net sales. Nokia also shared a cool new infographic highlighting its future focus areas. The infographic confirms some of the focus areas that Nokia has not talked about much publicly.

Nokia Future

First up is Digital Health, the business area that will cater to Wearable and Wellness needs of customers. Nokia has never talked about it publicly but we have in fact reported a lot about Nokia’s Health & Well-Being and Consumer Wearables ambitions.Read all that we have covered about upcoming Nokia Wearables by clicking here.

Next is “Connected Mobility”. Nokia sold HERE business already and yet surprisingly one of the key focus area that the infographic mentions is, “Automated Driving, but also Drones and more”. That sounds very interesting. Nokia Drones may be just state of art in design, technology and robustness. What and how Nokia is looking to take part in Automated driving needs to be seen however.

Virtual Reality is one area, where Nokia has already launched a product. Yes we are referring to Nokia OZO here, the VR camera by Nokia. Now, it seems Nokia is looking to go beyond that and we may see many new VR products coming from Nokia in 2016.

IOT and 5G are two key areas that Nokia has talked about a lot in 2015. In 2016, Nokia may be able to put some tangible results of its work in these areas.

Check the full infographic below.Nokia Infographic