Nokia recently launched its innovative VR camera Nokia OZO in European markets after launching it first in US market. [Read all our Nokia OZO coverage by clicking here]. Nokia fans have been waiting for a 360-deg 3D video sample captured on OZO since the time, it was first announced by Nokia. Now, all thanks to Freaking Rad YouTube channel we have an awesome sample of Nokia OZO 360-deg capture. Freakin Rad identify themselves as “Freakin Rad are filmmakers that specialize in epic cosplay and stunning visual effects.

You obviously need a VR headset to enjoy the wholesome experience of 360 capture, but even if you don’t have a VR headset and want to have a feel of it, use 360–deg rotation controls in the top-left corner of the video.

Footage shot on the Nokia OZO places you inches away from a grizzly bear as three campers are faced with virtually impossible situation of surviving this animal attack! …or maybe they just…
Feed him a cookie and get to their car. EITHER WAY! Check out this video shot on the VR camera by Nokia!