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Universal Tubecast for YouTube app gets updated

Universal Tubecast for YouTube app has received a new update in the store.The new version is The latest update solves some issues with signed YouTube videos such as Vevo videos issues. Tubecast for YouTube Changelog: Fix algorithm for signed videos (VEVO,etc.) Those who don't know about this app check out the features below: Features :

Official video shows Lumia 950 imaging features in action

Microsoft today uploaded a new official video of their one of the latest flagship device Lumia 950 in Youtube. The new video shows the key imaging features of the futuristic smartphone. The video is to generate awareness among Smartphone lovers about the most advanced imaging smartphone in the market. Microsoft says (Video description)

MetroTube and myTube for Windows Phone updated with YouTube new API support

MetroTube & myTube, two popular third-party YouTube apps for Windows Phone have received new updates. There version are & respectively. Both updates bring YouTube new API support. MetroTube Changelog: YouTube API v2 updated to API v3 Install Link myTube Changelog: - Implemented YouTube's new API - Added ability to view comment reply threads - Support

WP YouTube Channel moves to MS Lumia. @nokconv axed, Nokia Conversations becomes Lumia conversations

More re-branding news here!! Nokia Conversations which had already dropped Nokia name, has now become Lumia conversations. The Nokia Conversations Twitter account @nokconv will be axed. You can follow all the latest Lumia news via the brand new Microsoft Lumia channels on Facebook and Twitter. In these channels, you’ll find all the breaking news on Lumia