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So, this is nothing new as we already know that, Nokia is working on using “Graphene” for various purposes, imaging sensor being one of them. But unless, you bring an evidence forth, it is still not enough :P.

So, Nokia has already a patent in place, which talks about making a camera sensor using “Graphene layers” for photo sensing. This patent has been granted to Nokia on 11th of June 2013. Now, other researchers are also working on this, and they have shown how “Graphene” is 1000 times more sensitive to light than normal camera sensor used nowadays. It can really work wonders for making 41 MP sensors small 🙂 and is great for low-light imaging as well, an area of thrust by Nokia.


Have a look at the patent abstract,

In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is provided, including a plurality of photon sensing layers arranged on top of each other, and an intermediate layer between each two adjacent sensing layers, the sensing layers being of graphene, and each intermediate layer being configured to prevent a respective color component of light from proceeding into the photon sensing layer next to it.

There are various examples given which are related to handheld mobile device camera, and how photo detecting ability of Graphene can be used to make a camera sensor,

In an example embodiment, there is provided a camera sensor based on graphene photo detectors. In an example embodiment a graphene transistor is used to detect photons. The detector may be integrated to a camera sensor system which functions similarly as a CMOS sensor, or like a CCD sensor, or similar. In an example embodiment, it has been observed that the photon detection ability of graphene can be used to separate different wavelengths with the use of suitable intermediate filtering layers, and the structure can be used as a camera sensor.

In an example embodiment, the apparatus is a handheld mobile communication device, such as a mobile phone. In an example embodiment, the apparatus is a digital camera. In certain embodiments, the apparatus is a digital storage camera, mobile phone camera, a security camera, or an embedded camera structure.

So, as we said sometime back, it is matter of when rather than if for a “graphene camera sensor” on a Lumia PureView device. And if the date of patent indicates something it may well be sooner…


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