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Nokia may return to smartphones, but not anytime soon. Expect more apps & lifestyle products in near-future

New NokiaThis is not to dampen hopes of Nokia Fans, but practically speaking and also as per the latest intel, Nokia isn’t announcing smartphones in near-future!!

That doesn’t mean, Nokia is not considering re-entry into smartphones. In fact, Nokia management has plans in place to en-cash the “Nokia” brand name for Mobile Phones and devices and all stakeholders are said to be in agreement that Nokia brand name has maximum value, when it comes to “Phones”. Also, it is Android, which will see most of the attention from “Nokia” in terms of new apps or even new devices.

Coming to devices, while smartphones are not possible in near-future, lifestyle, health and wellness related smart devices can be expected. A Nokia smart watch / smart band and if latest info from our sources needs to be taken into account, a smart Glass can be coming from Nokia, when we talk about consumer devices. Nokia can also announce smart enterprise / consumer devices for medical help. Expect to hear something from Nokia soon.

Anyways, some Android (iOS later) apps related to imaging are also coming in near-future. One of our regular tipsters believes that Nokia will have some great android experience ready in form of Z Launcher, HERE Maps, Imaging apps and more, when it will be in a position of announce Android hardware sometime.

While many wonder about feasibility of such decision given Nokia’s D&S division and all resources are now with Microsoft. But you may like to read how Nokia has already moved some key people to a new team, before the deal was officially announced. You can read more here.

It seems Nokia had started planning for impending Nokia-Microsoft deal in advance by shifting some of its top designers and highly-skilled team from D&S division to emerging devices team in CTO office. This team never existed in past, so it is easy to assume that it was a vehicle to retain the talented few with Nokia and the team had names like Peter Skillman, Hans Peter Brondmo, and Axel Meyer. Now all of them are part of HERE. Similarly, many joined Nokia Technologies team too.

With 3rd-party manufacturers like Compal and Foxconn, it is not a very difficult task to get the hardware out, if design and material are finalized by Nokia. Coming to after sales services, again, there are number of 3rd party vendors catering for many big firms.

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  • ck

    Hi guys, I know you’re primarily a Nokia fan site but do you really think a Nokia Android phone will be anything the market is waiting for? You can choose already between hundreds of models from cheap to expensive, from good quality to the worst imaginable – where is the space for Nokia to fill? I don’t see anything which isn’t there already in the Android world…

    I like reading your articles here but the last ones are so Nokia fanatic…

    • Kamal

      This is a speculative op-ed!! I am not suggesting Nokia to go for Android in the article, it is something which is being speculated or hinted by Nokia themselves.

      Do you still think it is a “Nokia Fanatic” article?

    • this is my theory, we know since 2011 nokia is experimenting with android especially aosp. we have seen device like nokia x series and amazon fire (both tablets and smartphone) use nokia ecosystem.

      latest data from from strategy analytics show that aosp has 20% of all smartphone while google’s android has 65% of all smartphone. this show aosp is growing more than ever oem are moving from google.

      that 20% of aosp they lack google services and many apps which are dependent on google service, thats why nokia is porting her service to android, just imagine nokia camera, here maps, here drive, here transit, nokia video player, image editing, video editors, im in hundreds millions of aosp devices.

      when aosp grow stronger and have atleast 40% or more and all of aosp depend on nokia services then nokia will be in position to release killer hardware.

      • Kamal

        That’s some insightful comment!!