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So, power users can’t stress enough about the need of a file manager for Windows Phone. In fact, it has become the second most voted feature at  feature suggestion page at Windows Phone user voice website.

But, if Nokia care in India has to be believed then file manager is coming for Lumia 720 and for that reason we will assume for all Lumia WP8 devices post Amber update. Our reader “Naresh” has sent us the reply that he has received from “Nokia Care” and we are reproducing part of that reply as a screenshot above and in text below,

Dear Naresh,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request No. is 1-14596512457

This e-mail is in reference to query regarding the NOkia Lumia 720. I value the importance of information requested by you and I am happy to assist you.

In response to your email, I would like to inform you that Nokia Lumia 720 does not have file manager in the device but file manager will be available for Nokia Lumia 720 after amber update.

Now, it getting revealed from a Nokia Care rep has got some weight, but we haven’t heard anything like this coming from MS. So, is it again Nokia taking care of Lumia user’s wishes? As the reply says post Amber, so may be “File manager” is coming as separate app soon.

Thanks Naresh for sending this in. Cheers!!

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