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Nokia care rep says “File manager” will be available for Lumia devices post Amber update!!

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So, power users can’t stress enough about the need of a file manager for Windows Phone. In fact, it has become the second most voted feature at  feature suggestion page at Windows Phone user voice website.

But, if Nokia care in India has to be believed then file manager is coming for Lumia 720 and for that reason we will assume for all Lumia WP8 devices post Amber update. Our reader “Naresh” has sent us the reply that he has received from “Nokia Care” and we are reproducing part of that reply as a screenshot above and in text below,

Dear Naresh,

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care. The Service Request No. is 1-14596512457

This e-mail is in reference to query regarding the NOkia Lumia 720. I value the importance of information requested by you and I am happy to assist you.

In response to your email, I would like to inform you that Nokia Lumia 720 does not have file manager in the device but file manager will be available for Nokia Lumia 720 after amber update.

Now, it getting revealed from a Nokia Care rep has got some weight, but we haven’t heard anything like this coming from MS. So, is it again Nokia taking care of Lumia user’s wishes? As the reply says post Amber, so may be “File manager” is coming as separate app soon.

Thanks Naresh for sending this in. Cheers!!

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  • gautam

    give your sugesstion to microsoft here

    many suggestions are coming in win phone 8.1

    • Kamal

      File manager is confirmed coming with Windows Phone 8.1.

      • dhaya

        there is no file manager in 8.1os.

  • Sunil

    I have so many valuable suggestions to make nokia lumia series phones betterment.

  • sunil

    After paying such heavy amount for lumia 625 I am astonished that it lacks file manager. This is the one of the reasons of less interest of people in lumia series phones. After downloading attachment from email in lumia625 it is very difficult to get the file. Poor Nokia.

  • gunasekaran

    i am waiting for the user friendly and easy operating tips for the nokia lumia 720

    • Kamal

      Noted. But do let me know what issues you face with operations of Lumia 720 and then we can help more.

  • tanu

    nokia lumia 720 apps not bullshit

  • 123i’ll-smash-your-head-against-a-tree

    Windows Phone 8 Brings you a new world of mobile phone dictatorship:)

  • Also call recorder is not supporting in Lumia 720..

  • Anm

    Smart phone without file manager? Forget it! Hope nokia/windows will do right think for users soon.

  • CyberAngel

    Windows Phone 8.1 will bring the File Manager (and apps on the SD) at 2014 Q2.
    Also two different style of Notification Center will be available: Quick Settings & Notification Center.
    Just be patient and wait!
    Also the API will be the same for most of the stuff (excluding some UI stuff, etc) for ALL Win 8.1
    including Xbox One, Windows Phone 8.1 Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1 Modern UI
    After that you will get WP 8.1 Update 1, etc,
    The speed of development started to accelerate when the Phone OS & desktop OS units were united in 1st of July 2013 and it will speed up again when the Nokia department is finally joined & organized
    AND a lot of new phone technology is under works. Microsoft+Nokia already is and definately will be the fastest innovator in the Mobile Phone business!
    In the year 2015 (as planned) the big revelation and progress will be Windows Phone 9
    which will unify RT & Phone UI. What will truly happen remains to be seen!
    AND the camera technology will certainly keep on surprising us!

  • Sameer

    Windows phone is a piece of shit. I used to have Windows Mobile 6 phone and even that was better than this shiity windows phone os 8. I sold my lumia 520 the day after i bought it even at Rs. 2000 loss cuz I knew this phone is for kids and not adults.

  • vinay

    i amber update but file manager notload in lumia 720.without file manager is phone is not beeter so file manager is needly lumia phone.

  • ritu

    Please don’t buy any lumia hand set. This is complete waste of money. No file manager, really frustrating. Even china phone is good then this complete nonsense lumia. I feel like throwing this lumia out of train or just anywhere. Faith i had i had in Nokia to provide better thing is lost now

  • tdxgodbattle

    I dont got this apps? what is the name of it?

  • eswar

    File manager is highly essential for Lumia. All apps downs to internal memory. So it fills up quick. As we can’t manage memory ,external SD with 64 gb is not useful.

  • Abhimanyu

    Publish the Nokia and Microsoft authorities e-mail so every Nokia User could send them request for their needs, perhaps after a lot of request they consider the things, as i think file manager app making is not a big deal for them.

  • akash jain

    I am using nokia Lumia 720 with amber update but still I am not having file manager…

  • C A S

    Wish this were actually true. Microsoft wants the phone adopted by enterprise customers, so let’s think this through…

    As an IT admin, imagine me explaining to the employees that they:
    1) Cannot download a file. It must be opened by a registered app with that file extension.
    2) However, you cannot rename a file’s extension.
    3) Cannot attach your file to an email unless its a jpeg or office file (gdr3).
    4) Cannot work offline with cloud files when you travel or have bad reception at work.
    5) Cannot see files copied to phone, unless office files or media.

    Or, explain to the IT staff that they:
    6) Cannot launch exe files from sdcard storage (MTS protocol).
    7) Cannot see files within folders of Documents–flat file structure only.

    With minor changes to the OS and SkyDrive, I’d like to say:
    1) Long-press the link in IE and select “Download to SkyDrive”. Open SkyDrive and you’ll see it in the “Downloads” folder, which is local storage.
    2) Rename any file’s extension using SkyDrive. Or, long-press the file in SkyDrive and select “Open with…” and select the app.
    3) Attach any file to an email by browsing SkyDrive. Look in “Downloads” folder if you recently downloaded it.
    4) Want to work offline when you travel? Long-press the folder in SkyDrive and select ‘Sync’. If you have a big SDCard, I’d suggest you select SDCard when prompted for sync destination.
    5) Want to see files copied to the phone? You can’t see system files, but SkyDrive lets you see what’s in Documents, Downloads, or the SDCard.
    6) What, you can’t launch exe files? Oh, select ‘Mass Storage’ after you plug the phone in.
    7) Browse within Documents folder (not flat).

    What kind of crazy future would that be???

  • Asim Khan

    NO File Manager in Amber Update I Just buy Nokia lumia 925 with amber update pre-installed in it. and it has no file manager.

  • Sandip

    Does Nokia Lumia 925 have call recording option? I sit legal in India?

  • Me

    I’m really frustrated this Lumia 620. Absolutely impossible to use as music player or data storage in the way you really would like to use it. Note to everyone, do not waste your money with this SHIT. I’m linux desktop user ok, it works somehow with the MTP but still, the way to use this device is very limited.

  • Amit Kumar

    Hi, to all. Congratulations to Lumia 720 users in India. Amber update is available on the air. I have installed it yesterday.
    Enjoy it….

  • Anirudh

    If you read the change log, there’s no mention of a file manager…neither is there any news of a file manager anywhere other than your blog…So I really doubt this story of file manager coming to windows phone at the moment.

    • Kamal Mishra

      It all depends on whether that rep had correct info or not. Let us hope he had 🙂

  • aronno

    file manager will available for Lumia 520 after amber update??????? Plz tell me

    • aravindkumar

      how to update amber

  • shrikant

    Why Lumia. 720 cant call recording

  • Wayne

    Amber will certainly not be bringing a native file manager app to Windows Phone 8, it appears that on this occasion a contact centre agent has given incorrect information.

  • rafiq

    when…? in 2016

  • Bruce

    No I don’t think a file manager is coming. Those rep typically have no clue. Whatever you ask they say the same thing “wait for the update” “reset it” are the kind of things they always say.

  • shitonyourface

    I’ve also had some conversations with Nokia Care… and a few of them are talking out of their backside. At the same time, some are very knowledgeable. At any rate, I wouldn’t put to much stock into this.

    • Kamal Mishra

      This one looks knowledgeable though.The way he has answered other part of question is really impressive..

  • John

    It does indeed look like Nokia is taking care Microsoft’s CRM 😮

  • eDameXxX

    That would be great 😉

  • Great stuff bro. I’m too a blogger like you!
    I always wait for your news!
    Keep posting!


    • This news can’t be true sadly. Because windows phone has some limitations in reading files and renaming them. There is no way someone can hack windowsphone8’s file system to create a file manager and nokia can’t do anything about it. Only microsoft can provide update to a new windows regarding this